Mardi Gras 2020

Fuji Speeday Drift Tengoku Event

Im hella tired and got work tomorrow..


One of the hottest s-chassis I have seen in the past 2 years of living here. Believe it or not fitment and being hella low are American styles, not many Japanese do it like this <3

And the best part.. This is exactly how he slid all day too :,)


  1. Nice, I've been looking at a very similar car for sale here, but I'd rather have a sedan. Hopefully you got some more shots of that two-tone Crown? Think I've seen it before on NoriYaro?

  2. Makes me miss my coupe. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep my fastback, Lol.

  3. There better be s14s in your update later

  4. What happened to my post? I seriously think someone in Japan is hacking my account or something.

    Anyway. I hope you shook that dudes hand.

  5. Not sure how many I got of the crown but yea it was pretty dope

    Jared the coupe was hot but there was an insane fastback there too I'll show later

    Ya jay sedans are definitely gaining popularity now days, I like both

    Jordan I took some pics of 14'S don't worry and too bad u weren't here to watch cuz one of them was pretty good

    Snoddy what comment? No I didn't haha he parked off by himself and was pretty antisocial looking lol... He saw me camera raping his car though I'm sure lol

  6. Right click, save as.



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