Mardi Gras 2020

Kannonzaki Lighthouse

I went to Kannonzaki Lighthouse the other day in Yokosuka.  It was a beautiful day and I can walk there from where I am staying.  It only costs 200yen to enter and you get to go inside and walk up to the top; it's definitely worth it.  Here are just a few cell phone pics I took, unfortunately I didn't take my camera.

Unfortunately I am only in Japan for 5 more days.  I did however have an interview today that I felt went pretty well.  We talked for a whole hour, which is far longer than any other interview I have had before.  Who knows though lol.. I have another options as well I have been working on so hopefully at least one of the pans out and I can be back shorty for good!

The light itself was really cool looking.

It was pretty clear out; I could see Landmark Tower, Tokyo and the Chiba coastline really well.

Water was really clear along Uraga beach as well.

Not relevant really but I had some good Nepalese Curry and Baskin Robins (or 31 as they call it here).