Mardi Gras 2020

"Tenen" Hiking Trail in Kamakura

A few weekends ago I went for a hike in Kamakura.  If you are visiting Kamakura area to see all of the historical aspects and are getting a bit burnt out on all the people, maybe take a day or 1/2 day to hike around the beautiful "Tenen" hiking course. 

It just wouldn't be right to go to Kamakura and not find some neat houses to photograph.

Nature somehow always finds a way to drop stress and bring peace to our hectic lives.

Found a big'ole leaf while walking along the pathway.

Unfortunately due to the recent two typhoons the damage was terrible.  Trees were down everywhere, especially near the top of the hill.  To be honest the trail was closed, but I went around the ropes blocking the entrance and decided to hike it anyways after seeing a much older lady coming down.  She said so long as we were careful that it was doable.  Lots of crawling over and under downed trees but it made it interesting.

Near the top of one of the hills was this bamboo forest area.  There was a small house and a woman sitting there running a little shop with some food and drinks so we stopped.  She had a fire lit in the pit and I drank a nice cold brew while chatting and petting her cat.  Little finds like this are what truly make these adventures special.

It was a little chilly out so this guy had no intention of leaving the warmth of the campfire.  I would like to go back again and get some hot soup and sit out for an hour or two relaxing.  Definitely check it out if you go!