Mardi Gras 2020

Christmas Decoration

I posted a picture last month with a big pumpkin in the local mall. Now there is a nice Christmas setup there for people to take pics on ^^ I was alone though so no picture of me haha..

I <3 Christmas time!!




  1. nice I love time in the world. Is happy what everyone says there?

  2. Think about it snoddy lol why would japan celebrate thanksgiving lol

    Yea Jordan everyone says happy here instead of merry lol

  3. why dont they say merry? I think you need to start a revolution

  4. Cuz they already say happy halloween and happy birthday so its just stuck that way. Seemings happy and merry essentially mean the same thing its easier that way I guess, u try explaining the difference between be happy and be merry to someone of a different linguistic background lol.. things like that are really difficult

  5. Well with that logic Brian why would they celebrate Christmas or Halloween? lol

  6. Christmas is the celebration of Christ and some Japanese are Christian. Also many who are not religious celebrate Christmas as a time of giving and to spread love to one another. Halloweens roots are to scare off the evil spirits which is also another holiday celebrated not only in America.

    Thanksgiving celebrates well.. I know you know so yea.. That is specifically an American holiday and most Japanese haven't even heard of it.


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