Mardi Gras 2020


Well I have been looking for extra wheels for sliding lately but hadn't jumped on much.  I have been being picky wanting to get quality/cool wheels but at a cheap price lol.  I have always had a little thing for Grenades so when I found a pair of 18x9 +20 (Best sizing) locally I had to pick them up.  Unfortunately these things have been spray painted every color in the rainbow.  I am having a blast trying to get them cleaned up, but for the price and condition I can't complain.  I feel the end result will be worth it, kinda how my Zelda's were too.

This beautiful orangish red -_-


Little better

Raisin status

Ughh.. Cant wait to at least have them down to bare metal.. Wish aircraft stripper worked a little better :/

Also found a really authentic Korean joint by my house that you will prolly see up here more often haha.  I had Kimchi Jjigae.


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