Mardi Gras 2020

Oi Futo

After Kawasaki last night I followed about 30 other drift cars out to the infamous Oi Futo for some sunrise drifting. Unfortunately on my first run this happened.. you gota pay to slide a low car I guess..

FORTUNATELY it was only the outlet pipe and not the manifold or something.  Anyways I talked to quite a few Japanese last night and they all were complimenting my car saying how cool it was and how my fitment is awesome.  They also said they never would have thought I was a foreigner when they saw me driving and drifting so that made me feel pretty good.  To get compliments like that from the locals was definitely a good feeling.  Not that Japanese dislike gaijin drifters but most don't speak Japanese so to actually be able to socialize and be respected like everyone else is nice.  LA also got noticed as being the dude that had that 2-tone Mark II so that was cool, although I know he got emo about not having the car anymore haha..

Got home around 6am Sunday after a pretty crazy night/morning.  Drifted Kawasaki, had some pretty close encounters there and then hung out for a while before heading out to Tokyo to hit Oi.  Drifted the one run before having to fix my car and the cops showed up literally right as I got my car off the jack.  Me and LA from Streetsliders threw my crap in the car and punched it out of there.. Thank god the SR can run without an o2 sensor.  As I was cruising home with the sun rising over the bay area I thought to myself these really are the best times of my life.  I love Japan so much I am scared to go back to America honestly.. 

6am Sunday morning after a night of sliding <3


  1. dont come back this place is junk! lol

  2. If you're scared to come back, why should/would you? If you're having the best times of your life and you can do something about it, why would you end it? I mean, just my opinion.

    But awesome post, I'm super, super jealous. The bit about how you were able to be cool with the locals was awesome. And you had me going "ooooh shiiittt" when the cops showed up.

  3. Going hard in the paint!! Keep at it. I get more motivated with this type of stuff lol.

  4. haha i just did the exact same thing recently

    snapped right in half after the flange. low cars T_T

  5. Live it up bro some of us are to old/wife ha ha ha and will never have the time in this rat race life to do the things that make us happy you should stay till your heart tells you its realy time to come back.

  6. Man that rear fitment slays me lol spot on.

  7. Thanks haha, you and ur bro got some great fitment too though :)


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