Mardi Gras 2020

Computer Surgery

So I have yet to do it again lol... I spilled my cup of drink all over my keyboard ><  This time it was egg nog too lol

Basically long story short I am pretty notorious for spilling drinks onto my computer, I think this is the fourth time for this Mac.. Unfortunately it didn`t quite win the battle this time, but she does live on!  I took her all apart including every single key off the keyboard and dried/cleaned it all out.. Put it all back together and she fired right up.  Unfortunately the keyboard didn`t work and all my pages would automatically scroll down..  Today after work I picked up a cheap keyboard and plugged it in along with an usb mouse and both worked great.  The problem now was that the pages still scrolled to the bottom.. So yet another time (I should be an apple technician by now) I took it all apart and what I did was disconnect all the connections for the keyboard and trackpad.  Did a quite test run without really putting it all back together and everything works!  Now here I am writing and uploading this blog entry as if nothing even happened!  Moral of the story... Mac`s are frickin beast!!

Original time taking it apart to dry and clean

Taking it apart yet again today

Getting rid of the original connections

Happy Thanksgiving to me lol

It`s Alive!


  1. Nice work! What is the box in the back right corner of the last pic? External storage? Media server?

  2. Yea I guess u would call it a media server. It is my Internet as well as like a movies and stuff provided by my apartment company. Thanks !

  3. Ah ok, I'm looking to get/build something like that but I guess it's not something I can go out and buy since it was provided by your apartment company.

  4. Yea im not really sure about that haha...sorry wish I could help u out a little more

  5. Haha, it lives!!
    ...And you have 2 drinks within a foot of your newly revived computer (sigh)

    At least you're not like one of my friends... he always spills stuff on his. But unlike him, you can actually fix yours.

  6. Yeah it's funny that immediately after you fix it you put food and drink right next to it again lol.

  7. Nice work Bud you are pretty talented...but unfortunately don't seem to learn from your


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