Mardi Gras 2020

Sarushima Island

I went to Sarushima Island yesterday despite being kind of sick lately.  Here is a little info about it Wikipedia Sarushima Island.  It was really neat, yesterday was overcast so the weather wasn't ideal for a bbq or anything, but it was perfect for walking around.  It was a lot more entertaining than I had originally expected.  Sarushima had lots of cool tunnels and structures throughout the island and the greenery alone was worth it.  It was also really neat to see Yokosuka from a different perspective.  I would definitely recommend it as something to do while in Yokosuka during the warmer months.  It costs roughly $15 for the boat ride round trip and entry fee.  The boat leaves every hour from Mikasa Park and same from the island back.  You can come back on whichever boat you want, so there is no time limit while you are on the island.  Here are some pics from the day.

On the opposite side of the island from where the beach is it is really rocky.  You can walk out on them and sit and enjoy the breeze.

Couple choppers kept flying by the island so I snagged a pic.

At one I was walking the the dungeon like tunnels and walking through the woods I felt like Link.  If you have ever been outside of the city in Japan you have probably seen these spiders.  They are EVERYWHERE in Japan in the trees and bushes ect.  Although I hate spiders they stay on their webs so I don't mind them so much.  Anyways back the the Link part.  I never really realized that these were the basis for the spiders in Zelda as you look at the black/yellow legs and white like skull face you can see where Miyamoto got his inspiration from Japanese wilderness.