Mardi Gras 2020

Rabbit Cafe in Harajuku

Yesterday I went and met my gf after work.  I took her to an Usagi Cafe (Usagi=Rabbit) down one of the many back alley roads in Harajuku.  Japan is pretty famous for strange cafes as they have rabbit, cat, dog, bird (owls, hawks ect) themed cafes spread out mostly in Tokyo.  I opted for the rabibit cafe because it was closest to her work and she already interacts with dogs and cats normally.  You pay roughly $7 for 30 minutes and you get drinks with that, although I didn't even finish my one drink because majority of the time is spent playing with the rabbits.  They have an hour session as well but I felt 30 minutes was enough.  You also pay $1.50 for a small bowl of fruits and veggies to feed them.  They had about 20 rabbits but you can only have one out at a time, although they do allow you to change rabbits about 3 times in the 30 minutes.  I thought it was worth the money for something different.

Here is a link with more information if you would like to visit.

I stopped at Yodobashi Camera to look at watches before I went to Harajuku, and took this photo standing on the platform.