Mardi Gras 2020

Colorado Springs

I went to Colorado Springs on a kind of spur of the moment trip to hang out with my friend Snoddy.  Since getting back from Japan I haven't been working and have had the travel bug so it was a nice change of weather and scenery.  We did some hiking around, drank lots of beer and ate good food for a couple of days.

The day I left the skies were clear so I had a great view of Pikes Peak and the mountain range.

We went to Red Rock park which is very close to Garden of the Gods.  I thought Garden of the Gods was a little better, but since I had visited there last time we opted for something different.

After hiking around here for a few miles we headed to The Incline.  Do a quick google search for some specs, but it is basically a massive amount of stair at a steep incline on one of the mountains by Pikes Peak.  It took about 50 minutes I think to make it to the top and 2 days for my butt muscles to stop hurting lol.  After making it past the false summit (what looks like to be the top in the picture below) you have to continue to climb even more.  At the top there is a great view.  My favorite part is the hike down, you get spectacular canyon views, see some huge rocks and luckily for me this time it was snowing for about 20 minutes, which just set it off.

After that we headed to dinner and some beers.

Another day we went to Cave of the Winds.  The lobby had some awesome views before going into the caves, which were neat but unfortunately not as cool as the last ones I went to.  The building was built on the edge of this cliff which was home to a lot of Native Americans.  Apparently there are lots of small caves and artifacts found around this area.

Some sink holes from a long time ago prior to entering the cave.

Aaaand inside.

This was the lobby where you can eat and overlook the canyons.

This was the view as we left to go home.

That pretty much concludes the 3 day trip, it was short but I felt like we did enough.  Thanks for letting me stay Snoddy!