Mardi Gras 2020

Hiking Nokogiri w/ Matt

Today my buddy Matt got up super early to come down from Tokyo and hike with me.  He met me and my station and then we rode my scooters from my place down to Kurihama.  We took the ferry from Kurihama to Chiba.  It's a bargain by the way.  Only about $13 round trip for a 45 minute ride accross Tokyo bay.  Nokogiri is a pretty neat hike because it's an old mining facility in the mountains.  You can enjoy nature, man-made structures, and a temple at the top all in one day.  We didn't hit the temple today, but I have been a couple times before in my previous posts if you would like to search.

The highlight of nature in Japan for me is moss covered stones.  Don't be judgemental..

Representing the Shonan area on the ferry.

There was a cute cat on the way to the hiking trail.

As well as a neat little Kei Van setup as a coffee shop.

Japanese cedars standing tall.

Ripping on the scooter to the ferry.  Actually in AllThatLow Zee's part of town.

A lot of the pics above were Matt's pics.  I don't want to take any credit for them, so if they are really nice looking, they are probably his lol.