Mardi Gras 2020


Hi! I'm Brian, but my friends call me Buri.  I live in Japan, although this isn't a "all about Japan" blog.  This blog is primarily for my personal enjoyment, more of a diary I guess you could say.  I enjoy writing and having something to look back on from time to time.   I enjoy traveling to new places, especially internationally.  Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions.  Thanks for visiting!

I have a small side business exporting goods from Japan, so please feel free to visit my other site if you need help with anything.

Link to my sites IG:  YokoworksJP
Link to my website:  YokoworksJP Webpage

Food - Ramen / Pizza
Beverage - Beer / Sake / Whiskey
Music - Lo-Fi / Chill-Hop / Hip-Hop
Hobbies - Traveling, Hiking, Snorkeling, Diving, Running, Drifting, Video Games, Coffee Shops and so on..

Countries visited to date:

North America
1.  USA
2.  Mexico
3.  Jamaica
4.  Cayman Islands
5.  Honduras
6.  Belize

1.  Japan
2.  South Korea
3.  Taiwan
4.  Thailand
5.  Laos
6.  Vietnam
7.  Cambodia
8.  Singapore
9.  Hong Kong

1.  Turkey
2.  Greece
3.  Italy
4.  Vatican City
5.  Slovakia
6.  Germany (Born there)

Thanks for visiting my blog!