Be Thankful..

So upon waking up in the morning to get ready for my trip I sent my brother a message on aim. He had a doctor appointment so I wanted to see how it was all going.

He replied: Well its not good maybe I shouldn`t tell you right now..

I said: I have about a 20 hour trip ahead of me you better tell me right now!

Then he replied: ..well.. the doctor said I have cancer..




He said: I am staying the night in a hotel and might be having surgery in the morning

I then had to ride the train three hours to Narita only to be hella late for my flight, of course trying not to cry too much as I am surrounded by people :/

I was escorted by a worker and went through the employee screening area, cut the line at customs, and then sprinted to my gate as I was the last person to board my flight to dallas.. about 12 hours of sitting there wondering if my brother was going to be alright..

Land in GOOD OLE America where they have 50 fukin lines to service arrivals for customs but a whole THREE are open to handle the 777 Jet that just flew in.. Then wait forever for my bags.. then wait in line forever to get my shit rescanned even though I didn`t exit the secured area of the airport once..

Oh cool my flight leaves at one.. hmm what time is it? Oh look its 12:55 and I`m still in frickin line..

Oh sweet my terminal is on the other side of the effin airport!!

Rides train thingy


Oh sir your plane left 10 minutes ago.. well get you on the flight in about 2 hours..

No american money

No Internet

Hmm I guess I`ll make an international call on my J phone to inform my dad that I will be 2 hours late because everyone in America wants to sit on there fat asses instead of doing some actual work..

Calls mom: Your brother had surgery, he has a softball size mass by his stomach, they removed his left testicle, and the cancer has spread to the liver some. He has to do chemotherapy for 3 months to start and hopefully everything will be ok..

Get on the plane after eating a happy meal, which didn`t make me happy because McDonalds in Japan is 10x better than in America :(

Arrive in Minneapolis and get in the car for a 2 hour drive home.

Finally get to see my mom and brother and the nightmare is SOMEWHAT over..

Merry Christmas to everyone and enjoy what you have <3

Please pray for my little brother <3<3<3


  1. Hope your lil bro pulls through man. <3

  2. All the best to you and your family, my dad went through it with non-hodgkins lymphoma two years ago. Thankfully he is ok now. Your brother is young and that is in his favor. Just do your best to keep the mood up and be realistic, it's gonna suck, but focusing on the good things and being positive are the best ways to get through it.

  3. You know I'm here for you guys. Love you all.

  4. To: Brain,
    Stay strong...
    Best wishes to your brother and family.

    From: A stranger who follow your blog, TNT

  5. That must have been the hardest news to comprehend. Sounds like your brother has a big support network to help pull him through. All the best mate + hoping his full recovery goes as planned.

  6. Shit man, sorry to hear about your brother... just keep your chin up and stay happy.
    Hope all goes well and my best wishes for your family.

    But that whole montage of your trip here made me laugh, I actually noticed it too with my trip. People are pretty lazy, especially when it seems to inconvenience you the most. (Either that or they're ALWAYS lazy and you just notice it when you're in a rush)

    Anyway, belated よいクリスマス!
    Take care

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone ^^

  8. You got it bro my wife has me going church now so I'll have a bunch of ppl pray for him.

  9. Stay strong man.hope he pulls through..

  10. Brian, I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I've had my own small bout with cancer. Its very scary. Stay strong for him and the rest of your family. Peace

  11. Stay up man! Best of luck to you, your brother, and family.

  12. I'm a little late getting to this, but my sincerest best wishes for your brother.


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