On a serious note

I would like to make a post to call out to any people who have any serious health problems or have family members with such.

Here is a quick synopsis: Summer of 2010 all the sudden I started feeling sick a lot. No cough, no sore throat, no fever, just plain felt drained. I mean I would sleep 10 hours and then get up and all day drag around feeling like crap. This went on and off for a while. Basically about 2 weeks ago its come back really strong. I make myself go out and hang out with friends because I refuse to sit around all the time. Truth be told I feel dizzy, faint, and exhausted ALL the time. Sometimes I have bowel problems such as diarrhea, and sometimes I can't go to the bathroom. I do seem to gain and loose weight pretty quickly, much more often than I used too. Lastly my hands and feet are cold ALL the time, I never used to have that problem. Sometimes I even get a tingling sensation in them out of no where. When I am teaching I feel like I am going to pass out and often I have to sit for a minute.

I've been to the doctor about 5 times for this and he keeps telling me there isn't anything wrong with me, and maybe I need to sleep more. I had blood work done to check my thyroid because my mother has a thyroid disease and a lot of my symptoms match up with those of someone with a thyroid problem. Results come back saying my thyroid is normal.. This is back around August/September..

I am brainstorming what else could be wrong with me. I've thought about Diabetes but when I mentioned it to the doctor today he seemed pretty firm in doubt that I didn't have diabetes.. I did another blood test today but I am not even sure if that will include my thyroid because if I remember correctly that was a special test. Anyways assuming the results come back saying I am healthy then I will just go to another doctor. I also had my blood pressure checked today and it was nothing too abnormal. He listened to my stomach ect in my complaint about having occasional bowel irregularities and said they sounded normal.

I really don't know what else to think. I am almost dead certain I have a thyroid problem because of my symptoms and my mother having it, but I can't be too sure.

Ok so thanks for reading all that if you did. Now what I am asking for is any insight or experience any of you may have had with yourselves or family members. I am just sick of feeling like shit all the time. I don't care if I have a disease I just wana know what's wrong with me so I can get medicine. I am so stressed over this lately it's ridiculous and I know that isn't going to help anything T_T

PS if you want to keep a comment private just say so and I wont publish it for anyone else to see.

Thanks <3


  1. Hey dude, I'm no doctor but have you considered the possibility of it being psychological? Several of your symptoms are that of depression and/or stress. Both of which seem to be quite common when being away from family, or moving to a new environment in general. I'm not sure but I'm experiencing the constantly being really tired, I have to force myself up even when there is nothing i need to do and look for things to do or i just feel like shit. Same with the fluctuation of weight. Just throwing that idea out there, good luck!

  2. I'm inclined to agree with you on your points and what you are thinking it is. I'd definitely try another doctor, can't hurt to get another opinion.

    Have you considered any possible food allergies or deficiencies?

  3. We already talked about this. But I really hope something is done about this and you get to feeling better. I've noticed your health has declined ever since you moved away as well and it's always kind of bothered me. I hope it's nothing too serious.

  4. I was going through something similar to you, but a little bit different. I felt like I had to piss alll the time, even right after I came out of the bathroom. After bloodtests and urine urine test, they had no idea and said it was psychological. It turned out to be my diet. I stopped drinking coffee and soda as much and it went away. You probably eat healthy and well balanced meals in Japan, but have you thought that it could be your diet? maybe not enough water?

  5. Wow Brian, reading this made me consider going to the doc myself..my family too has a history of thyroid problems..I might have to take my health into consideration..but then again, maybe Yuta does have a point on the stress levels you're having..one day your in a good mood ready to tackle the day, while others you feel like shit/tired, dont wanna do anything..
    I feel for ya bro,
    Hope all goes well

  6. I checked on your blog cause I was just thinking about how I missed you and Jordan and I saw this :(.....I'll ask my dad tomorrow morning and I'll see what he says.

  7. I tend to have similar issues, not quite the same. Do you have any abnormal ridges or brittleness in any of your nails?

    My feet are always very cold, and I tend to feel really worn out and tired all the time. Getting up from a resting position too quickly occasionally does make me black out sometimes. I too also have bowel irregularities and a high sensitivity to certain foods.

    What I figured I have is a combination of irritable bowel syndrome and iron deficiency anemia. Both of these conditions are more typically found in females, but nevertheless they are common.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate them all and look forward to future replies.

    I went to a big hospital today and talked to a nurse and explaines how I felt ect and she said it sounds a lot like I have a thyroid problem. She recommended that I hold off until the hormone specialist is in on Friday because she says that if I see a regular doctor he is just going to refer me to him anyways. With that being said she said just stay home and rest and skip out on work the next few days if possible. So that's the plan for now :/


  9. Always nice skipping work. Getter better dude!

  10. Man my hands and feet are always freezing too =( I should probably get myself checked out. And about diabetes, my brother has been diabetic since age 7. Feel free to ask him anything about it. He'd be glad to help. Get well soon dooder!

  11. Haha well if hands and feet were my only problem I wouldn't be worried, its more of the random feeling like I m going to pass out and being tired as hell 24/7 that I am worried about..

    Thanks if I do get diagnosed with that then I will def hit him up, I am hoping not but whatever life will go on.

  12. Man, I was kind of in the same situation exactly a year ago. I was going through a bunch of shit and was stressing out like crazy, and it really started to effect my health. I started having a bunch of problems, and I began to worry about them and pretty much became a hypochondriac.

    I won't downplay any family history of illness you have, and thyroid problems sound like a definite possibility, but the severity of your symptoms could definitely be from stress. It took me a good 8 months to finally get over everything and I've only just started feeling like my normal self again. I really hope things are better off for you, but regardless of what happens just take care of yourself. Spoken from true experience, it does NOT pay to stress. Easier said than done I suppose though.

    sorry for message length haha, take care, and keep us all updated. I hope for the best~

  13. Honestly I really don't think it is stress. I do have a lot going on in my life but honestly I don't feel stressed about it at all. I have been stressed and depressed before and it was nothing like this. More like I didnt wana eat or do anything or talk to anyone. I wana go hang out with friends and I am eating normally, just I constantly feel sick all the time. I get really dizzy and have to sit down for a minute sometimes, I dont think it is psychologically related :/

  14. Man thats a tough one... I hope you can get through this. Anyway, my suggestion is if you sleep 10 hours and feel like crap....Maybe you have sleep apnea / and /or a respiratory problem that is robbing you / your blood of oxygen?


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