My New Silvia

Surprise! haha Some of you may had known I was in the market again, but to many of you it is probably a surprise. So as you can tell from ...

Surprise! haha

Some of you may had known I was in the market again, but to many of you it is probably a surprise. So as you can tell from the pics I picked up a S13 Silvia today. I test drove this car about 2 weeks ago and was fairly happy with it. It got in a small fender bender a few months ago so the owner just bought some over fenders to replace the stock messed up ones because his friend had a set laying around. I have to say they are my favorite over fenders BUT I hate them on this car since it doesn't have rears nor wide enough wheels to fill them. I can fix the though ^_-

I already have a set of 18's for sale that I think I will just throw on this car and buy some spacers get them to sit where I would like. So this is what it looks like, besides the unpainted fender it is in pretty good shape and has fairly newer paint. I guess the color could be called Blurple.

Perfect dash with HUD and an array of guages and a EBC already installed. It has some older Bride bucket seats, a momo wheel, a Nismo shift knob, and a drift button all installed.


Ok so lets talk parts! I got a nice surprise with this thing because I really wasn't sure what all it had prior to purchasing other than a few essentials. Here's what I have found tonight though.


Redtop sr20de-t
s14 BB Turbo
D-Max Vented Hood
Apexi Filter


Full Tap Coilovers
Cusco RUCA
Cusco Tension Rods
Cusco Sway Bars
Cusco Toe Rods
Front Strut Bar
Rear Strut Bar
?? 2-Way LSD
Skid Plate
5 Lug
Steering Angle Spacers
Fender Braces
16x8.5j Wheels and a pair of r32 wheels


Blitz EBC
OEM Digital Climate Control
ROM Tune


Bride Seats
Momo Wheel
Nismo Knob
Drift Button

So plans are as follows

1. Tuck harnesses, slam the car, and fully strip it
2. Get mandatory insurance on it so I can get temp tags for it when I wana go sliding
3. FMIC and HKS Wastegate so I can put the boost around 1bar
4. Wheels

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  1. Nice find! Super jealous.

  2. Seriously.... this is all you. I don't like blue on cars but this is actually pretty nice. Not too nice, but not too beat. In for pics/vids.

  3. Congrats Brian..looks real clean!
    Run AVS Model 5's!!

  4. Thanks guys I am excited to be working on cars again haha..

    Freddy sorry but I wont be spending money like that its just a missile lol.. Also Im not a huge fan of those wheels lol

  5. Cool man, nice to see you in another car. Nice brix, sucks that there all purple now though.

    Give me your dcc. Also are those ganadors real? Ill take those too. Lol

  6. Wtf is a DCC lol? Digital cluster?
    Thanks though I'm happy to be in another car

  7. Oh digital climate control haha no way!

  8. nice pick brian... dosent need much tho, just a nice wheels and lots of track time...

  9. i think those 18s you have for sale will look nice on it. clean looking car you have there

  10. Thanks and yea I plan on putting those on.

  11. Are you able to get a license and buy cars over there if you're on a visitation visa? Not saying you are but just curious to how all these foreigners are doing it.

  12. Not sure but I doubt it. Pretty sure you need a permanent address and phone number ect. It might be possible to buy one but I'm am almost 100% sure you wouldn't be able to register it. I think majority of the gaijin here are military so the whole process is easier and cheaper for them. Getting a license here is pretty difficult but if you get an international license you can drive here for up to a year. I dont think you can get a license on a vacation visa either, but i dont know for sure. Military don't need Japanese licenses. I'm not military and have been here a while so I had to get a Japanese license, it took a couple months to get it. There is a pretty large portion of gaijin here who either teach English or work regular jobs though, so like me they can buy a car at there own will.

  13. Aaaaah yeah, good to see you got another one. Let's keep this one, aye? lol
    Maybe I'll get to see it next time I'm over there


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