Yesterday my gf and I just walked around the local area some.  We spent some time by the water, which was surprisingly clear in some parts.  Other than Okinawa, Japan doesn't have that clear of water usually.  I found a spot yesterday that was really nice, unfortunately it's too cold to swim now, well for me at least.  I hate cold water.  There was a bridge that went over this water and it looked to be at least 3-4 feet deep and I could see the bottom easily so it was pretty nice.  Maybe I will come back here in the summer.

Glamour shots by Deb haha.

Yokosuka is very mountainous and has lots of tunnels, I believe hearing somewhere before that it has the most tunnels per area out of any city in Japan.  I'm not sure though.

I also had ramen the other night at the old spot I used to go to by my old apartment.  Their specialty ramen is called 631 ramen (6 seaweed sheets, 3 slices of chashu, and 1 egg).  It's mandatory in Japan that you have a beer with ramen, in case you didn't know.


1JZ Meet @ Fuji Speedway

Every year there is a JZ meeting at Fuji Drift Park and I was lucky enough to be in Japan this time of the year.  There were a lot of nice cars and the weather was absolutely perfect. Driving to Fuji is always so beautiful.  There are small mountains everywhere, the sky is blue and the air is clean..well until you get to the track at least.

I took some pics in the parking lot by where we parked, just a few of the cars that caught my eye.  If you are a jz lover this is the event for you.  I would say there are 200+ cars here every year from all over the country.

MarkX's are really neat cars.

Of course there are other models mixed in the parking lot, but in order to drift you have to have a 1j/2j engine, doesn't matter what chassis it is in.  I really like Cefiro's and you don't see too many anymore so I took a pic of this one.

For some reason I really like the Nissan March even though it's not a drift car I always think having one would be a fun tuner/grip car.

GC8 for the subbie lovers.

Walking up to the track now.

Pretty cool that this car and the red one below it are both the same car; both conversions were done well.

This one had an Audi front end on it, I don't care for it but it was done well at least.

Crazy diffuser setup on this Chaser.

D1 guys were out doing a demo run before lunch.

The yellow MarkX was my favorite out of the group of professionals.  It is driven by Kuniaki Takahashi and makes around 900hp I believe.

One neat thing about drift park is you can stand on the wall as people try to get close and rub their bumpers.

Some people get too close lol.  Unfortunately he under steered straight into it and messed the car up pretty bad, he was waiting on a tow truck when I left.

One clip of some action and wreck aftermath.


Daikoku Street Night

Last night I went out to Daikoku with my buddy Zee.  We went inside the parking area at first, there were tons of Bosozoku there.  There were also a good number of cars so we hung around for about an hour or so until we heard someone sliding outside the parking so we headed that way.  When we got outside there was a s14 that was doing really well.  He drifted by himself for about 30 minutes and then a crown and markII joined in.  All three were good but the markII was really good, he had a lot of power.  I took several vids but I will just post this on where he came about 2 feet from me at the clipping point.

I don't really like the boso because they ruin a lot of the drift spots but it was pretty cool hearing so many of them ripping around.

There was a crazy s14 out there.  It had a rwb wing and a jzx110 markII front end lol.  He did a good job on the conversion, but still ehh.. 

Kanagawa style here, 4 door big body drift cars.

Some of the "gallery", people who just come out to park to watch street drifting.

Video of the 110

It's neat watching a clean street turn into a track late at night :)

Enoshima Aquarium & Landmark Hotel

My gf was nice enough to book us a room at Landmark hotel the other day.  Landmark is one of the tallest buildings in Yokohama and is home to shopping/restaurants/businesses and a hotel at the top 20 or so floors.   Part of our stay included tickets to the Enoshima aquarium so we did that during the day.

Here is landmark tower for a reference.

First of all here are some pics from the aquarium, which are predominately just of jellyfish because they are my favorite.  They had a really good variety, I would say about 20 different kinds.

Started the day with lunch.

It rained when we were walking to the aquarium and was extremely windy, but on the way back it was barely sprinkling.  We were right by the ocean so the wind was ripping through the streets, a few seconds after I took this pic that sign on the left blew over.

Back to the hotel now.  Our room was on the 56th floor.

Key was really neat, old school.

Bathroom was huge and had a big Jacuzzi tub with this window, it was pretty neat.

The first day was cloudy, off to the left is Tokyo.

It was a little clearer the next morning, you could see sky tree (Tallest building in Japan) easily from the room.

The peninsula on the right is Yokosuka, where I lived/live.

Breakfast view

Left the hotel and walked around a while before going to Yokohama station to head back to Yokosuka.

We had pizza at an Italian restaurant.  I didn't take a pic of the pizza, just the view from the restaurant.

After that we had dessert at a local cafe.

After that I went out to daikoku futo to watch some street drifting until about 3am with my friend.  I'll post that soon. ^^v