Snow in Fort Worth

Every year it seems we get the freeze, or a little bit of snow, but nothing that ever sticks.  We actually got a decent snowfall the other day here in Fort Worth, actually expecting another small one tonight).  Pretty crazy it's almost spring break and we are just seeing this.  We got close to 2 inches I would say.  Nothing massive compared to when I lived in Michigan or Wisconsin, but for Texas I'm impressed!

I went down to the local park and took a couple pictures.

Cruise - Cozumel Pics Cont'd (Part 4)

Just some extra pics from the previous post.

Had lunch on the beach, here was the view from the table.

Cool pirate ship out floating near where the port is.

 Headed back to the room to find our monkey towel :)

Cruise - Belize/Cozumel (Part 3)

Next stop was Belize.  However I didn't bring my camera this day because I was unsure if I would be able to leave it somewhere while I was getting in the water.  We went on a cave tubing adventure here.  If you have ever been into a cave with all the cool formations in it picture that, with water all in it.  We venture down into a dark cave with helmets lights on, grab a tube, and hop in.  It was rather exhilarating at first. You are a little creeped out but the water is clear so it isn't bad.  A guide pulls you along for about a 1/4 mile to where you get out and walk around.  There were ancient mayan ruins throughout the cave as they said it was a place where sacrifices and rituals were performed.  after trekking about for a little while you get back into the tube and head back.  There becomes a point where you get out to walk over this large rock.  At that point the tour guide said if we were feeling adventurous we could swim back.  My brother and I were the only ones who opted for that route.  He shined his light into the water and said go ahead, its about 50ft deep.. Reluctantly we jumped in and began swimming in the rather frigid water.  As we got close to the end there was a small crevice in the wall.  The guide said "if you guys go into that hole it comes out about 10 feet down along, go for it it's really cool!" I convinced him to give me his flashlight because I wasn't swimming through this black hole lol.. He gave it to me and I went in, followed by my brother.  We got inside and turned the light off, you look down and the water is bright blue from the small amount of sunlight hitting the water outside, it was amazing.  I quickly turned the light on and swam out haha.  It was an awesome experience.  After doing that we had authentic balizean cuisine and beers.  We chilled out for about an hour and then got back on the long bus ride back to the ship.  It was a pretty cool adventure.

Next stop was Cozumel where Jordan and I rented scooters and explore the island at our pace.  Cozumel basically has one large road that goes around the outside of the island and then leads through downtown so we followed that route.  We did get outside of the tourist area and stopped at a small coffee shop, it was really nice and the waiter was friendly.  I got to finally use wifi there so that was nice.  After we got back close to the ship we stopped at a few of the tourist spots and bought some souvenirs.  I bought a mask to go on the wall with the mask I bought in Thailand, it's Mayan style so the contrast is cool.

Getting ripped of by not knowing the exchange rate at the time lol

Pulled up by a lighthouse and they had this neat little structure.

Cruise - Roatan (Part 2)

In Roatan we went on a snorkeling excursion.  We went to a resort and hung out along the beach for about 45 minutes.  Drank and whatnot and then got on our boat, which took us out into the ocean about 10 mins away from land.  I jumped off the ship into the underwater paradise.  We snorkeled for about an hour before packing up, I seen lots of exotic fish, but the coolest creature I seen was these massive lobsters.  They were a blueish/gray color and were down in the rocks, it was really cool.  At the end there was a sunken ship you could dive down to if you were capable, but it was kind of hard to see.  There were a bunch of divers that went down just before we arrived and stirred up a bunch of dirt.  I dove down about 15-20 ft and got a decent view of it, it was pretty eerie.  No pics of the diving since I didn't have an underwater camera, but here are some pics from Roatan, Honduras.

Early morning sunrise before we arrived.

Pulling up close.

Seen this neat crab by the shore.

Iguana are very common through the island.  They are a staple food for the natives.  We did eat iguana but I didn't care for how it was prepared, it wasn't horrible, but it was great either.  I seen probably 4 just running around just in the short time I was there.

There are these wild monkeys that come up to you, if you have some food ect you can get them to climb on your shoulders and pet them, but they can be aggressive!  My mom set her pina colada down to take a picture and one ran up and stole it!  It took it up into the tree and started chugging it down lol..

Here is my brother getting bombarded as they tried to get his coconut drink as well.

It was beautiful there.

Cruise 2015 (Part 1)

I miss blogging, I really do, but I just don't have cool stuff to post anymore.  No more wandering the streets of Japan, no more car and no more drifting.  I did however go on a cruise about a month ago.  It was a 7 day through Royal Caribbean that left out of Galveston, TX.  First stop was Roatan, Honduras.  The next stop was Belize, followed by Cozumel.  I'll make this a multiple post setup.  The ship was pretty cool.  They had a rock climbing wall, basketball court, 9-hole putt putt and ping pong tables.  This first post here will be photographs from around the ship just to give those who have never been on a cruise ship an idea of what it is like.  If you have a fear of boats, or the water, you really should be fine.  The ships are so large that until you go look over the edge you almost wouldn't know you are out in the middle of the ocean.  Bring some dramamine or whatever just incase, the boat does rock sometimes depending on waves, but you get used it it after the first day or two and stop noticing.

Boarding the ship.

Putt-putt course

The wall and court.

Me climbing, what a workout, I only did it twice the first days and my arms were killing me lol.

Interior (Roughly 16 floors)

My ship on the right and the new larger one on the left.


My car is SOLD

The car is gone.  I just want to thank everyone and all the friends I have made through these last 10 years.  I will try to update this blog with any exciting news that may happen in my life.  Once again thanks to everyone for checking this blog and leaving comments.  I feel very good about where it went so I said goodbye with a peaceful mind :)


My 240sx is FOR SALE

Please visit the link for information.  CLICK HERE!