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Last night

So last night I went to Yokohama to meet up with two car buddies. Actually I caught a ride from Yokosuka so I didn't have to ride the choo-choo train haha. We went to Yubo's to chill and grab some grub, although I had eaten prior to going. Yubo is a pretty cool guy and it was neat to just chill with him. Like I said before, he was the head driver for Weld for about 5 years, and has now since retired from drifting. Well he still drifts, just not professionally. Anyways he and his family own a restaurant in Yokohama so we hit that up. I just ordered some Edamame but I tried some of everyone else's food and it was delish, I know exactly what I am ordering next time lol, though I don't remember the name. It was pretty cool though, we sat there and ate at this restaurant and he chilled with us and talked for a little bit. The restaurant had pictures of him drifting and their team on the walls. Some of the pictures were back from 1988. It's crazy thinking that they were sliding when I was only 2 years old. Drifting has such a history here and it's really neat to see people endorse that. I didn't end up getting home till like 6:00am and luckily I woke without a hangover. I was expecting one because I had one too many you could say :)

Today was a chill day though, just did some laundry and hung out at the house. I didn't go outside at all except to clip my nails, but it has been raining so I have an excuse. Back to work tomorrow though. Next weekend I am going to Tokyo for a drift showoff or something. I don't even know what's really going on, but I know I am going lol. I think Saturday night we might go out sliding and get like no sleep, and then up and head to Tokyo super early. At this point in time I am down for whatever, I just wana get out of my place and do stuff.

Last night was pretty funny. We got pulled over for speeding, the cop walked up expecting Japanese guy's I think because he didn't know what to say lol. It was really funny because the friend I was with speaks Japanese pretty fluently, and he was playing dumb. Even I could understand what the cop was saying, and he was acting like he had no idea what was going on. One great thing about being a foreigner here, especially if you speak the language. So many foreigners that live here don't speak Japanese so most people assume you can't. So he played dumb with the cop for a minute and then we drove off, no problems haha.

Heres a lame pic I took while getting ready to leave the restaurant


  1. Damn Brian that's pretty tight dude. Chillin with OG drivers. Definetly living the dream lol.

  2. Bud Im so glad you are getting to experience so
    much. It sounds like you are living a dream and
    I am so happy for you.. Please just be careful
    I know Im your mom though.
    Love you tons. and miss you more

  3. Grams & Gramps5/18/2009 8:24 AM

    Hey, Brian!
    You are sure experiencing a lot of different things. I can't believe you are hanging Or chillin like you say with professional drifters! So cool that you are doing that. When your parents come over you will have tons to show them and tons of stuff to do. I think they will want to come back home before 6:00 a.m. but probably not Jordan! Have fun but don't be too hard on those poor little soccer players you big meanie!!!JK:) That was a very interesting blog you wrote...very informative! Keep it up. Peace!

  4. Thanks grams and gramps

    and I will mom haha

  5. Pretty cool Bud, keep living the dream lol, i am really happy things are working out for you and you are enjoying yourself so much, never was a doubt though you have always made friends easily and never been afraid to do what u wanted. keep living large, love u dad...

  6. Fricken bud...Livin the dream.

    Pretty tight, The cop thing is funny

  7. Grams & Gramps5/19/2009 10:58 PM

    I forgot to tell you that I was telling the kids I drive to school about the cop experience and they thought that was so cool! I guess I shouldn't be teaching them all that bad stuff (how to fool the cops, I mean!) They think you must be a real cool teacher - - but they don't want to play soccer with you :) JK!

  8. Lol yea I duno if that was the best story to tell them, oh well haha

    And yea I started playing soccer again, I just don't kick so hard :)

  9. Hey bud, didn't know drifting was going on back in the 80's. Have you been drifting over there also? Are cars cheaper over there? I'm guessing no but just wanted to know. Take care.

  10. Look @ this guy here... livin the dream!! Wish I was there to better my self at learning japanese. I haven't touched my DS in monthd now lmao. I started playing pokemon again.


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