Mardi Gras 2020

After Work Today

So today I had a work meeting from 3 o'clock until about 5 o'clock. Here is a pic from the 3rd floor where we had the meeting looking to the lobby.


Waiting for the meeting to start :/


My friend brought a bunch of Kit-Kat bar's to hand out to everyone. In Japan they have a multitude of flavors and are always coming out with new ones. Here are a few:


Ater the meeting I went and had a Salad and a beer with my co-workers.


Then I stopped by my buddy's house to chat for a little bit before heading home ^^



  1. That salad looks like it would hit the spot right now.

    And even if I didn't know how much walking you do from reading your blog (and you telling me) just in that one pic of your shoe I can tell lol. The back of the shoe is worn down but the rest of the shoe looks brand new lol.

  2. Yea it was good

    haha actually I rarely even wear those shoes.. u should see my converse after like a month of wearing them lol


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