Mardi Gras 2020

Game Center

I was really bored tonight so I went to game center for a good hour and played Battle Gear. I snapped a few pics while eating some ice cream and taking a break...



  1. I can't wait to visit so I can destroy you in battle gear ; )

  2. If you play Battle Gear anything like you play Forza you have no chance in hell haha.

  3. If I play anything like I play smash u have no chance in hell lol

  4. ok bud huge updates or ive just been really slow about getting on the com.
    any way for everything before this posting some of the food mmm ok but some not so ok. game center looks like vegas U.S.A looks fun and icant hardly beleave they have started holiday decortating but it looks really beautiful. I know it helps get u in the holiday spirit. Dad and i started outside today. spent most of the day out there but not quit finished.
    love ya


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