Mardi Gras 2020

Hanging out in Yokohama

I had today off because it is a Japanese holiday. I got out and met a friend who has been gone for about 2 months and hung out. I did a little shopping and then we stopped by Yubo's and chatted for a little while to his mom and him lol. Anyways here are pics of how the day went.

Started out by getting picked up in the rental since his car is in the shop :/



Then we hopped on the highway to Yokohama


Entering Minatomirai area


Cruising around looking for parking


Saw this Diablo as well as a Ferrari and couple Porches in the mean time


This is where I'm shopping ^^


Went in World Porters first to grab some grub :)


Had some teriyaki steak over rice!


I bought some stuff from H&M, they had a nice sale going for the holiday so I was able to get a pair of jeans, 2 shirts, and a sweater for about 50$. Bought the skinniest skinny jeans ever and I'm excited to wear them haha.. Size 30 waist ^^ After shopping I walked out and seen nice Christmas lights all around the area o^_^o


Made it to Yubo's place


Yubo looking like.. I duno.. Yubo haha

Totoro tryin' to look OG or something haha

Soldier ME

Then we headed home and I am writing this now before bed and work tomorrow so no Japanese is getting written tonight, maybe tomorrow at work ^_-


  1. Looks like a fun day, Brian!
    I'm pretty jealous of size 30 waist.
    And those frames are sweet duder.

  2. totoro LOL

    and i want some of that steak and rice again so was amazing

  3. Fanciest looking teriyaki steak I've ever seen. What's the white sauce drizzled on top?

    I'm amazed at how nice that intersection looks in the third pic down.

    And Brian you have to take me shopping when I get there.

  4. Thanks Ruizy poo!

    Yea Jordan u missin out haha

    Of course we will go shoppin Snoddy! Yup roads around that area are amazing :)

  5. Steak and rice... oh how I miss you... soon... very soon.
    Pics are looking good as always, making me want to get back out there so much it hurts...


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