Mardi Gras 2020

Here & There

Not much going on lately, no car stuff either :/ Here are just some random pics from the weekend and stuff. Maybe they will be somewhat interesting lol

Sign by my house

さいきんいいことも車関係の出来事も何もない:/ これは週末に撮った写真。まあ少しは面白いかな(笑)


First Sunday of every month is a small festival where they play music, offer food, and sell a bunch of goods on a small closed street.




I finally tried this American restaurant, it was kinda pricey but I guess that's what you pay for foreign food haha


I had a chili dog.. about 10$ .. not including the coke.. :(


Went and got gas at a local station. I prefer these full service style. I just pull in and they do everything for me, I just hand them money and they bring me my change.. In and out in like 2 minutes flat lol


Picked up some groceries the other day after work :)



  1. Daaamn... $10 for a chili dog? Haha, but I guess that would be foreign food? ...and then I see green stuff in your basket... good to know you eat healthy along with your overpriced chili dogs lol

    But I guess we can't always have exciting things happening. Just remember, you could be living in my town. Haha, then you'd never see ANY car action that wasn't road rage.

  2. thats a crazy looking chili dog haha, no cheese though :(

  3. Dude do they have any sould food joints? lol. Like is there a place that just makes fried chicken and like collard greens and stuff lol.

    My co-worker and I were talking about starting up a business like that in japan and make a killing. We'd have beds in the back for when people got the I'tis haha.

  4. Now why didn't I think of that! Drop down fuel fillers! Classy! lol
    Thanks for the blog listing brian!

  5. Yea no cheese haha :(

    Snoddy we have a place called Nawlins that serves some southern stuff it's ran by a guy from new Orleans too.. It's pretty decent stuff but that's the only place and that's only because its close to a base

    Yea man drop down pumps are great no confusion about which side your tank is on and it saves space.

  6. Nice Pics all i know is i want that Dobuita street sign.

  7. I hate that bread. Even when you toast it it still stays white!

  8. Yea the sign is cool haha.. to bad they are locked cuz i thought the same thing lol

    Yea man the bun was pretty lame.. haha


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