Mardi Gras 2020

Shopping in Yokokama

Well my Saturday morning started around 930am as I got up and got ready to meet some friends.  We were all going to Ikea to have a look around and do a little shopping.  This is coming out of Shin-Yokohama station walking to the Ikea shuttle bus.

Waiting for the bus

I had this nice chicken breast, pasta, beer, and almond pie for lunch ^^ All for about $10

My friend admiring an awesome picture of the Eiffel Tower that I would love to have

Only time I have ever seen Christmas trees in Japan; they were pathetic lol... more like Christmas branches, but hey it`s a step in the right direction if you ask me.  They did at least have the nice smell to them <3

This is the table I purchased

Sunday I went shopping for clothes today in the MM area again.  It is now lit beautifully for Christmas (o^_^o)

This is what I bought today.  Let the hating begin on the boots but before anyone slips up do your research.  Ugg boots (or similar styles) were originally made for men and are worn by many men in other countries.  Thanks to the women of Hollywood everyone in America thinks they are for females only.  Now if you just don`t like the boots in general then I can see that, I actually hated them not to long ago too.  I have since tried them on and I like the way they look and I LOVE the way they feel.  These particular ones were about $45 and are made by Vans for Men, though I would be surprised if they are being sold in America.. : /

Lastly is a photo my brother sent me earlier of his car parked outside the garage at my parents house.  I really liked it and decided to throw it up.  I miss driving around together so much.. At least I will be home in a few weeks to see my family, and my baby which hasn`t been driven in 2 years T_T


  1. Great pictures, I'm jealous of all those decorations and lights, my city doesn't do much at all for the holidays. But yeah, those boots most likely wouldn't sell here... maybe in a few years when there's a style shift. How tall were those Christmas branches? lol
    They look like they'd come up to about my chest. But yeah, gotta love the smell of them.

  2. haha yea I think so too

    about that tall.. maybe 4 feet lol

  3. Hey Bud! Your photos are so good. I like the Christmas lights in the city. Looks so pretty. I'm glad to hear you will be home soon and see a real Christmas tree and smell one too! There is nothing like a real tree. Do you have a Kanji Dictionary? I saw one the other day and thought of you...this one looked pretty good. Got any ideas for me for gifts for you other than $? Let us know. Love and miss you guy!! See u soon.

  4. Really how big could christmas tress be in japan and still fit in peoples homes? lmao

  5. Uggz..... I let the pink chucks slide... gonna take me a minute to let this go... you're officially a japanese male now lol. Pretty hair, skinny jeans... on a DIO... doin it big, JDM style

  6. Haha I suppose so huh.. LA u would die if u knew who else says he is buying a pai...

    Yea trees really can't be to big here but atleast 6 feet or something ya know. I mean everyones ceiling is at least 8feet tall

    Thanks grandma, actually yea I have a good amount of material for studying so I don't really need it. I'm sorry but I really can't think of much this year :(

  7. ... Hating on the boots...

  8. Awww, your car misses you :_(

  9. love your s14. snow picture is epic!


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