Mardi Gras 2020

Sports Festival

Ok so the new layout is this for now. I got lots of feedback so I really appreciate it. Majority enjoy the larger pictures, but some have difficulty. Also I agree with a few users the the small ones look cleaner.. but at the same time the larger pics allow for a better experience, which is why I have opted to go with smaller ones for the main display. You can now click the pics and see a full size version so that should help cater to both peoples fancies ^^ I will also leave all my links and information at the bottom for an overall cleaner look. Thanks again !

Today we had out sports festival. I was really busy helping out and stuff so I didn't have time to take pictures of the festival itself, but I did snap 2 quick ones.

The first picture was from this morning, the skies were clear and Mt. Fuji was in full view from the school. The picture just doesn't do justice, but here it is anyways.


Next was our bento lunch ^^ It was pretty good minus a couple of the veggies I don't do haha..



  1. the picture for the bento dont work!!

  2. Really? It works fine for me maybe you were just having a bad connection or something..


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