Mardi Gras 2020

Fuji Drift Course Pt. 1

Morning started around 3am and met at the conbini at 5

Gettin my favorite drink in hehe

LA's 90 Cresta

Quite a few hachis were out

This red Mark II and I were pretty much the only 2 people linking the U-turn into the next turn throughout the day.  It was cool bc we both drove the same line and laid into the rev limiter while gettin right on the edge into the water in order to make it.  This turn was where all my fun was of the day haha.

I had a small off course incident haha.. lost my bumper in the mud but got it all back together :)

Serene picture

Got a little tandem in ^^

LA's car had a small fire :/

Last pic is me at full lock with just some angle spacers.. no spin!

Thanks to Snoddy for this batch of pics <3


  1. Looks badass with the gtr rims man.

  2. Thanks, just borrowed them from a friend and bought tires for em though haha

  3. Either way dude, they look great. Keep Doin' what you do man and thanks for the blogroll action.

  4. Thanks man, I've read ur blog for a long time I didn't even notice it wasn't on my list lol.. sorry ><


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