Mardi Gras 2020

Catching up with Yokosuka/Yokohama

So far, other than looking for jobs, I have spent a lot of time walking around aimlessly.  A good bit has changed in Yokosuka in just a couple years.  There are a lot of new businesses up, and some are gone.  I've spent too much money lately eating out so I need to cut back for now, but I had a lot of food I needed to re-eat haha.

I met up with my buddy Zee (ALLTHATLOW) and one of his friends for ramen the other day.  This spot was really good it was near kitakurihama station.  A good ramen spot will allow you to pick you noodle firmness, broth strength and fat content, and sometimes whether you prefer thick or thin noodles.  I like very firm and thick broth, extra fatty lol.  This was their shoyu chashu ramen.

This is a pic of the neighborhood I am currently staying in.

I went on a long walk the other day, about 8 miles, and this is the view as you leave the neighborhood.  It is up on a hill so you have a nice view looking into Tokyo bay.

One of the main streets along the water here in Yokosuka.  I used to run on this trail everyday as my apartment was really close by to here before.  It's really weird to be back here.

There is a small crossing bridge outside the military base here where I snapped a quick pic.

I had chicken katsu curry with veggies the other evening for dinner.

Yesterday I went to China town and Minatomirai area and when I was walking around I seen this building.  I thought it was really neat.  It looks kind of English.

Getting close to China Town.  Yokohama's china town is very nice and is a huge attraction for even Japanese people.  You can get tons of authentic food and lots of the street style foods as well.  

I bought one of these for 100円, its called a goma dango, although they are actually Japanese.  It is like a fried mochi on the outside covered in sesame seeds and filled with sweet bean.

I had tantanmen ramen in china town.  The set came with ramen, fried rice, fried chicken, 2 dumplings, tofu and a fruit bowl for dessert.  This whole set was only 800円, roughly $8usd.

There is a lot of nice walking area around Yokohama.  This was approaching Minatomirai as you can see the ferris wheel and shopping area in the distance.  It's raining outside now, but luckily I stayed pretty dry yesterday.

I found this pretty funny.  At the conbini I went in to get a drink and as you can see you have water, tea, beer, chu-hai ect.. then at the bottom there is a bottle of Dom Perigon for like $250usd.. I guess that is how you know you are in the ritzy area of town, never know when you might run out of Dom and have to make a quick pickup.

Lastly I finished my night with a small plate of sushi and a beer.

The end.