Mardi Gras 2020

I went to Taiwan last week.

So a brief update on my life so far.  I left my job 2 weeks ago to move back to Japan.  I am currently staying at my friend's house close to where I used to live in in Yokosuka.  Prior to coming to Japan though I went to Taiwan for 3 days.  My gf flew in and met me so we spent some good time together exploring around Taipei and Jiufen.  Taipei being the capital of Taiwan, and Jiufen is an old village town up in the mountains of northern Taiwan.  The trip was really long but when I finally arrived I woke right up.  The bus ride from the airport to my hotel was about a hour long and only costed a little over $3usd, pretty cheap.  The hotel was nice and I stayed up on the top (8th) floor, which also had a nice little balcony.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Taipei man station is really large inside, felt like I was at a real old time station, they still utilized a flip board for all the trains and times so it was neat to watch it change.

Just some random scenery stuff.  I was really fascinated by the old run down looking apartments.  I took quite a few pictures of them, but will only post a couple.

This is at the base of elephant mountain.  It wasn't real big but took maybe 20-30 minutes to get to the top depending how much you stop to take in the sights.

Taipei 101 is the tallest building in Taipei I believe.  It is approximately 500 meters tall.

Although this picture was taken in a botanical garden these trees were everywhere.  They were really neat because they grew these vines naturally out of themselves.

From here on are pictures from Jiufen along the China Sea.

The whole town is very hilly and filled with these alley type walkways.

This is one of the large attractions in Jiufen, especially for Japanese or fans of Studio Ghibili.  This is apparently the tea house that Miyazaki based the bath house off of in Spirited Away.  It was really neat to see since I am a big fan of the movie.  I went inside and had some mini Jasmine tea pies and a really good coconut milk drink.

Walking down the alleyway it opens up a little bit and there are several other neat looking buildings.

I was only there for three days, but I felt like it was enough.  Taiwan was really interesting and had some neat things to see.  I was however disappointed with the food.  I had some decent food, but everywhere seemed a little sketchy about whether is was really clean or not.  I enjoyed wandering around the streets more here than I did in Korea, although the food was better in Korea in my opinion.  All in all it was a neat trip and I got to check another country off my list!  Now I am in Japan siting on a balcony at starbucks making this entry.  The train comes by every 5 or so minutes and people are out and about. The weather is absolutely beautiful here right now :)