Mardi Gras 2020

Jogashima Island 城ケ島

I went to Jogashima Island today, which is south of Yokosuka in Miura City.  It is actually kinda of close to where I used to work when I taught English here.  You can take the bus from Misakiguchi Station and it costs $4 each way.  The island it really neat it has one side which you start on when you get off the bus which is very rocky.  The other side is similar but there is a big park on the other side.  You can walk from on side to the other in maybe 30 minutes if you aren't stopping to see things.  It took me a good hour and a half to get to the other side the first time, but when I walked back it was about 30 minutes.

Here you can see the bottom of Miura city and Jogashima island.

Here is the island map

This is one of the popular things to see while there.

The sand was almost black in lots of places but there are so many broken shells everyone it looks a lot lighter.

Lastly Miura City is famous for Tuna so before I left the island I stopped at a small spot and had まぐろ丼 (raw tuna over rice with some miso soup as well.)

Right before I left I seen this Levin that was really clean.

Here's a video from up on top of that large rock too, it was beautiful out today, about 75 Fahrenheit.