Mardi Gras 2020

Back to America

This probably will go back to not getting updated much since I came back to America today.  Hopefully all will go well and I will be moving back to Japan in a few months.  Until then here are my last 3 days in Japan.  I dedicated everyday to Ramen <3

This first place was in Harajuku, honestly probably some of the best miso ramen I have ever had in my life.  I got the Miso Chashu with firm noodles, which are also futomen (thick noodles).  Broth was thick and flavor was great.

Next day I was kinda wandering around, I new I was gona get a bowl of ramen later so I wasn't trying to eat much throughout the day, but I ran into a matsuri.  Whenever I see a matsuri I can't pass up the street food.  I had Osaka style okonomiyaki and some taiyaki type been filled pastry, which was all washed down by a chu-hai.

I went to kill some time at game center and since my favorite drift game Battle Gear is no longer around I started a file on InitialD.

On to the next ramen spot.

This place was superb as well, about a 3 minute walk from Yokosukachuo station.

Lastly and most disappointingly as you can probably tell from the clear broth was a standard ramen.  I was recommended a great place but after it being closed and me being starving I settled for basic ramen.  Oh well wasn't bad for only $6.

I took the YCAT Limousine from Yokohama to Narita, it's so much nicer than taking the train, especially if you have lots of heavy luggage; changing stations can be a huge drag.  I took a couple quick cell phone pics leaving Yokohama :(

This was my last meal in the airport before leaving Japan.  Zaru soba (cold) with some tenpura, sashimi, veggies and a cold brew.  I had a great trip and unfortunately haven't secured a job, but hopefully I will be posting an update soon letting everyone know if I am heading back or not.