Mardi Gras 2020

Hong Kong Pt. 1

I was able to check Hong Kong off of my travel list last month.  My gf and I ventured there for three  days.  I found that to be sufficient enough time to see the main stuff in the more populated area.  We didn't go with too many plans.  Eating was the main thing, but to be honest was a little disappointing.  Anyhow I really enjoyed the buildings, it was for sure my favorite part.  Hong Kong is truly a concrete jungle, but the green mountains hiding behind the buildings make for a beautiful backdrop.

Most of the three days there were overcast with random small rain showers.  At some point it was frustrating not being able to see views that are normally big attractions, like Victoria Peak, but it also made for some interesting scenery, too. 

This is what the main road looked like around where we stayed.

The hotel was nice.  We stayed on the 13th floor, which gave us a good view of the city.  The main perk for me was the lobby had an espresso machine.  So I took full advantage of that.  If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the main area we stayed at a hotel called "Soravit on Granville" in the Tsim Sha Tsui district.  It was roughly $100 a night and I would stay there again if I was going back to the area.  It was centrally located, the room was nice and the staff were helpful.

 Being such a small chain of islands no matter where you go the water is close.  There is a cheap ferry you can use to cross the water and it gives you a really nice view of the city.  It only cost about 25 cents to ride one way so it's very affordable.

British influence at it's finest.

Like I said earlier my favorite part of the whole trip was the old apartments and high rises.  To me that is the epitome of Hong Kong.

This newer building was really interesting as well.

We had been walking around for several hours and were starving.  We stumbled upon this small noodle shop and it ended up being one of the better dishes we had the whole trip.  I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area.

Roughly $7.00 (USD)

This part of the city was really neat.  New buildings were going up everywhere as it was more of a business district.

Absolutely love the look of these places.  The ruggedness just gives you that feel of where you are at.