Mardi Gras 2020

Hong Kong Pt. 2

The first day was spent exploring Kowloon and the Central part of Hong Kong.  On day two I was ready to get out of the city and see some greenery.  Victoria Peak is well known for it's views, but the highlight of going there for me was taking the hiking course up.  Of course it ended up being way too cloudy.  Visibility was less than 100 meter at times.  At some point during the hike up you felt as though you were walking inside the clouds.  It gave the whole experience a mystical type feel.  The greenery was lush, almost like a jungle.  While hiking along the birds singing and the sounds of water running down the mountain side provided a unique experience.

To start our day we had breakfast at a local mom and pop type shop that was recommended online by many Japanese people.  The place was called Hung Lee Restaurant.

After being sat at a booth with random strangers (a common practice in Hong Kong), breakfast was a rice porridge with some fried bread to dip and some dumplings. 

After that we headed out towards the mountain side.  Along the way you start by walking up this old railway, which was closed for construction.  Nearby was a nice cafe so we stopped and had coffee before starting the hike.  

The apartments there were very impressive.  They are built right into the mountain side and are extremely tall.  I wonder what the cost would be at some of these places.

The greenery was gorgeous while making our way up to the top.

Once we reached the top you couldn't see the city at all because of the clouds, so unfortunately there are no city views for me to post.  If you are interested though you can google "Victoria Peak" to get an idea.  This whole fog atmosphere was very reminiscent of my hike in Slovakia a few summers ago.  You can check that out here Slovakia Blog Post .

We went back to the hotel and relaxed and cleaned up for a bit before heading back out.  Minami wanted to check out this local mall and when we went inside there was a Guinness booth setup selling beer, food and apparel.  Naturally I had to grab a fresh one right off the tap!

After we left the mall we walked around and checked out a night market.  Most night markets in Asia tend to be pretty much the same.  This one wasn't much different.  It was mostly a bunch of cheap junk and knock-off items.  I guess if you were looking for something in particular they could be useful but I rarely find anything worth buying unless it's someone who is selling something unique/handmade.

Every night at 8pm I believe it was there is a light show down on the promenade.  Although it was cloudy it was still really cool.  The skyline was really pretty in the evening.  

We had Dim Sum for dinner that evening before calling it a day.