Mardi Gras 2020

Pottery in Kamakura

Back in March, I surprised my gf on White Day by doing a pottery class.  It was held in Kamakura, which is a historically famous town in Kanagawa.  There is tons to see there so if you are already there, and wanting to do some pottery, we went to a place called "DAN". 

The class lasted about 45 minutes.  Your class includes one piece of pottery but you can make two in the time you are there.  Then you can decide which one you'd like to keep, or you can pay a little extra to take both.  Keep in mind your pottery will be mailed to you and about 2 months later.

This was us at the beginning of the class. 

After the class we grabbed lunch and enjoyed it outside.  All homemade food run out of the bottom of this woman's house.  I had nice cold beer with mine of course.  It was excellent.

Aside from the typical tourist type stuff that Kamakura has to offer is an amazing "neighborhood".  It's so quaint and I love just wandering around.  You can find some really neat houses too if you are into architecture at all.
I like this little balcony space they had above their parking spot.

The enire left side of this house was glass windows, and the bottom was a garage.  I though it was pretty neat.  They also had a nice backyard space, which is pretty rare in Japan.

Nice outdoor "semi-private" seating at this place.

We stopped at a convenience store and this very stereotypical biker looking guy pulls up.. Look at that biker pup riding shotgun lol.

Concrete houses are really cool, too.

While meandering through this small street in a neighborhood I stumbled upon one of the neatest businesses I have seen.  It's dedicated entirely to moss.  You can buy different moss "art" arrangements, and even sign up to do a class where you get to build your own moss in a clear glass bowl.  We peeked around inside for a bit.  I'd like to take the class someday in the future as well.

About 2 months later our pottery showed up all finished.  Mine are the left two, and Minami's on the right.   I think they turned out pretty good for our first time.  I really enjoyed the class, and would like to make a lot more in the future.  Definitely an interesting experience!