Mardi Gras 2020

Yokosuka Museum of Modern Art

Today I went to the museum to look at a gallery that I was interested in seeing.  This woman is an illustrator/writer of children’s books.  I thought her art was really interesting. Unfortunately photographs in the gallery were prohibited, but there were some areas where they were okay.

Her images are really cute.  Also there was a lot of artwork that depicted traditional Japanese mythology.  A lot fo the work was also made of paper machete, so that was neat as well. 

A collection of her personal books she's kept over the years.  She's currently 88 years old.

The museum itself is really nice inside as well, with its light wood floor and open space.

There's a restaurant at the front of the museum as well where you can enjoy a meal or beverage while overlooking Tokyo bay.

We opted to not eat at the restaurant, because we've actually we eaten there before, and I felt it was a bit overpriced for the quality.  We had sushi instead haha.

Overall it was a worthwhile experience.  Admission is 1000yen and parking is free for the first hour as well, which is about how long we spent there.  If you don't have a car you can catch a bus!