Mardi Gras 2020

Typhoon Hagibis

This isn't so much a post about the typhoon, but more of the day after.  I live in Kanagawa prefecture, just about a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Bay.  We get a lot of storms, especially lately it seems, and one great thing always comes from them.  That being, an amazing sky the following day.  Mt. Fuji is usually crystal clear in all it's greatness, and the sunsets are absolutely amazing.  If you are visiting Japan and find yourself anywhere along the coastline from Yokosuka up to the Shonan area you should definitely enjoy watching the sunset behind Mt. Fuji.  Grab a beer or two and relax for about an hour.

Our day started out riding scooters over to the Hayama side of the peninsula.  We stopped at a small coffee shop called Inuit (Inuit Instagram) if you'd like to look it up.  We both had some coffee and a pastry. 

Gotta love the Shonan area.

The clouds rolled in just in time for sunset but you can still see Fuji peeking up above the clouds to the right of the sun.

Tateishi Park is one of my favorite snorkeling and swimming spots in the Yokosuka area.  It always boasts nice views as well.  At one point while riding home the clouds looked like they were on fire they were so red, unfortunately I was riding at the time and unable to get any pictures.

I also run a small Instagram page where I post pictures of homes that I like.  You can find the link on the home page called HomesJapan.  Feel free to check that out if you are into architecture at all.  Here were my two snaps for that evening.

What a sweet beach house with a pod-like bedroom on top fully wrapped with windows.  I can only imagine the views they've seen from there.

Simple, but I'm in love with boxy houses with vertical wood siding.