Random Update

So not much has been going on with my car lately. I started school again on September 4th, so I have been a little busy with that. So the one mod to my car has been so dumb ass girl backing into me when I was moving into my apartment. I was about 50 yards from my car and walking around the corner when I heard a cracking and popping sound, I thought to myself "you know that kinda sounds like fiberglass shattering". So I turn back around and take a peek. To my not so surprised self some girl was backing out of a parallel style parking spot and managed to go right into my car before deciding it was time to move forward. So i start speed walking as I am noticing shes not showing any signs of concerns. Right as she is pulling out of the spot i walk in front of her "cavalier" (typical).. and tell her to roll her window down. So she complies and shes like "yes?"..I am thinking oh god. So I'm like "yea you just hit my car". She looks all surprised and is like " oh really? did I? ummmm I guess my insurance pays for that?". So I was like "um yea, so we can call the cops if you want to wait here". So then basically cop comes and does report and I contacted insurance. I'm now waiting on insurance to call me with how much $$$ they are supposed to be giving me since the appraisal guy has already come and checked it out. Although I am a little nervous on whether or not I am gonna get the full amount since my car was already slightly damaged from being so low. So yea that's that story.

On a lighter note school is going well and I am supposed to be graduating November 19. I recently beat Pikmin 1 for the first time lol. Now I am ready for a new one to come out for Wii. My room is set up pretty dope. I have some really nice bamboo as well as "Asian" style decor throughout the room. I am happy to be back in my own place. Now I just have to hope and pray that all goes well when I graduate so that I can afford a decent apartment as well as have some extra dough to go to events. I haven't slid my car since the last Mineral Wells event so I am getting anxious. Anyways that it the // of the rant, i need to get showered and dressed for the day since its now 3pm lolz.

Couple pic I took from my apartment. Pretty decent view over the Tech baseball field too.