So I went to the storage shed today to work on the whip. I flushed out my coolant really good today and added antifreeze since I have just been running straight water. I am about to make the long journey up to Wisconsin so I might actually need antifreeze there. So I did that, added some oil/power steering fluid, cleaned out the engine back good. I discovered that all of my intercooler brackets are broken and it has just been hanging there by the couplers for who knows how long now, fortunately I didn't find any hold otherwise that would be a bad boost leak. SO fortunately I had some 3 foot zipties I carry as well incase of emergencies and they happen to do a good job of holding it up for now. I have a list of things that need to be taken care of when I make it back from Japan, It just needs to hold up for the drive home. Heres a quick pic for reference of the broken top bracket.


  1. Damn dood, that sucks. Thank Jesus for zipties.


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