Lol perhaps I should change this to a food blog, seems like thats all I ever have to blog about..

So without further adieu, heres some more

So this is some Philippino style noodles mixed with white rice. Then one of my Thai friends from work gave me some veggies/meat to mix it, which basically consisted of snow peas, jalepeƱos, squid, and shrimp.. It was very good.

This is just some sushi my friend Chunwha bought for me for lunch, which was salmon, eel, and tuna. Also very good :)

And For dinner tonight I had some good ole Canes. For those of you who arent from the south its a fried chicken place that comes with amazing toast as well as fries, and the "secret sauce" which I am convinced has crack in it; everyone seems to be addicted..

That is all


  1. I tried the eel sushi from the commisary, the sauce they put on it is horrible. I couldnt even eat it.


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