Last Weekend in LA

Well the day started off great, stayed in Ruston and Lourdes and I did a few errands first. We headed to get few and to my great happiness they had crawfish etouffee, which I have been craving for like a month now. I watch travel network every evening while I am laying in bed on the interwebz. At least 3 times in the last month I have seen this same episode where they go to New Orleans and eat etouffee/jambalaya/gumbo ect. So yea anyways I got my etouffee fix before departing the south, also Snoddy has been so kind as to invite Lourdes and I to a crawfish boil tonight, so that will be great.

Heres some pics of the etouffee, which basically consists of a base layer of white rice, then a saucy mix of crawfish is poured on top nice and thick. Then I added some more chachere's and some LA hotsauce to top it off. Throw some garlic bread and corn on the cob in there and you got it hooked up!

Re-did Joes headlights in pink, and Snoddy's in purple, although Snoddy's look pink in the pic, they don't in real life.

Then later that evening we hit up Eggroll express for the last time gettin Pho here in the states. Lots of people showed up and it was really really good!