Well not much has been going on lately, all the car friends are on an exercise so we haven't got to hang out at all lately. Yesterday C...

Well not much has been going on lately, all the car friends are on an exercise so we haven't got to hang out at all lately. Yesterday Claude and I helped his sister move. SO I had to wake up at 5am and drive an hour to Ruston, pack up a u-haul, then drive about 4 hours to Dallas. Then we had to unpack the u-haul at her new apartment which contained stairs with a turning point about half way up, so it was hella lame trying to fit these two big couches, dressers, washers/dryers ect up all these stairs. Then once we finished we had to drive about 3 hours back to Shreveport. Got home about 9 and made it to bed about 130am ish. It was a very long and exhausting day :(

So yea I drove the big body u-haul bc lord knows with claude behind the wheel we wouldn't have made it out of Ruston lol, here are 2 pics I took while driving

I thought this one was funny: "Speed Kills, Slow Down and Live"

Also I found out yesterday that I actually wont be in Yokohama like I though, I will be in a city about 12 miles south of it called Yokosuka (Pronounced Yokoska). Although I was a little disappointed at first that I wasn't actually going to be in Yokohama I think this may be good to for a few reasons.

1) It still is a fairly large city, 400,000 people.
2) It is only 12 miles from Yokohama, so a short train ride would take me to the big city
3) This could be both beneficial and lame, there is a navy base in Yokosuka, which could be good for maybe my parents coming, making a navy friend to help me ship stuff for a lot cheaper ect; on the other hand i was hoping for as minimal Americans as possible where I am at. The more Americans around the more Americanized junk you see, and then I may be easily thought as a military guy by the locals. Not that anything is wrong with American things, but I am just looking for the most Japanese/traditional experience as possible while I am there.

Oh well though that's life and it could definitely be a lot worse, and from what pictures I have seen and what I have read on Yokosuka it seems to be a very nice place and have some pretty decent beaches, which could be really nice since thats something I have wanted in my living conditions for a while now.

Here are a few pics that I have gotten online

Yokosuka is A nd B is Yokohama

Pretty long post..

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  1. Yokosuka still looks like a beautiful place. I'll be happy to visit you anywhere in Japan =) (mostly because it's Japan..... j/k).

    You havent even left yet and I want to come and visit already lol.


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