So ive been in Wisconsin now and its still pretty cold out. I did wash and vacuum the car out today though in the freezing cold. Last night we went shopping and I had a pretty good burger. It was a chicken breast with pepperjack cheese, peppered bacon, and some ranch dressing. Got a bunch of new clothes (business dress) for my upcoming job in about 3 weeks. I also made dinner the other night which was szechuan beef with some hot chili peppers and some other ingredients I threw in. It was quite delicious and spicy. Probably the spiciest I have ever made. And to top it all of we passed what we thought was a dead cat the other day and it looked up at us! So we turned around and moved it off the road. Jordan asked the closest people if it was theirs and they said no but they would call the neighbors. We passed by the spot again last night and no sign of the cat, so hopefully someone saved it :)