The Trip to Wisconsin

So this was by far the worst trip to Wisconsin I have ever had (in terms of the drive). Lets see where to begin, on the way to ruston the day before I was only feet from getting t-boned directly to my driver side door. If I have not been patient to wait to see if the light was still green after being behind a tall moving truck it would have been me plowed into instead of the moving truck, so yea i saw a truck and a car get mutilated. Anyways then the next day I get an exhaust ticket from a dick of a cop after explaining to him that I am moving the car to storage and it isn't going to get driven anymore, especially in LA. Then we finally head out of LA at like 230, basically we drove from 230 in the afternoon until 1030 the next morning. 20 long and exhausting hours in a packed 240sx with it so full my brother luggage was on the floor in front of of the journey

So we slept in this rest area on wooden benches for about 15 minutes.. lol appx 2 am

Maxed it back out since I had went up about an inch for the trip, which didnt help much since the car was so weighed down it was still actually lower

My bumper after Jordan decided to have a field day on some chunks of snow/ice in the road ;)