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Yea so I have been super busy with training and haven't had internet the last few days so sorry for the lack of posting. I do have all ...

Yea so I have been super busy with training and haven't had internet the last few days so sorry for the lack of posting. I do have all next week off though so perhaps some traveling and lots of pics will be updated. I will have to show everyone the houses around me, of course everything is super cramped and old but there are some very neat looking "yards". I have been getting up at about 630am everyday to go to training at 9 so its pretty lame, by the time I get home its usually about 6-7. 2 days ago I got on the wrong train and it took about an extra hour and half to get home, tonight my train was broke so it took like another hour to get home, ive heard this doesnt happen often but this is 2wice for me since ive been here, maybe I am just unlucky.

Anyways here is a video of my place, which is yes, very small to american standards. But believe it or not mine is actually a lot larger than some peoples. It suits 1 person just fine, I actually really like it.

As always it should look fine in full screen.

Oh and thanks Snoddy, I miss you guys too.. You better come or ...i duno...u just need too haha

Apartment Tour from Brian Widiker on Vimeo.

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  1. while you were just talkin you should have had the camera pointed at yourself! lol instead of the ground re re!

    your apartment is really cool and it tight that they MAKE you recycle!

    me love you long time!


  2. Frick thats tight..But what do they do if you dont seperate it exactly? lol Do they check them?

  3. Hey Brian:) Its cousin Mandy...just wanted to say I enjoyed your video of your place....its super cute:) Just the right size! Now dont mess up the trash daysLOL. Well take care and TTYL:)
    Love Always, The Aumann Family:)

  4. Sweet ass man! What program are you there with again? I remember you saying it wasn't JET.

  5. Gramps.........4/02/2009 8:42 AM

    Thank you for the tour of your new home, it looks really cool, perfect for your needs, less time to keep it up and more time to do important things like seeing and learning about the country.
    On a different note, the sap is just starting to run from the the trees that you and your dad help tap,we will have some syrup for your pancakes when you get back.
    Love You, Gramps......

  6. I saw the vid as soon as you put it on vimeo lol. Place looks cool. I'll bring a sleeping bag when I come out there and sleep on the floor lol. The place you're in looks really cool. Nice and hilly like norcal lol. I cant wait, ditching the S13 to come out there. 240's will be here, but a trip to Japan with good friends is an experience I cant pass up.

    p.s. I'm already doing Rosetta Stone for Japanese lol.

  7. Hi Brian;
    Just got done looking at videos that you sent. We really enjoyed them - you sure are brave doing this and we are really proud of you. We will keep checking everything you update.
    Take care of yourself,
    Aunt Sandra and family.

  8. Thank you Aunt Sandra and fam


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