Boso Pic and Namecards

Here is just a picture I took the other night that I really liked. I am no photographer, I have a point n shoot, and I had no tripod..but I...

Here is just a picture I took the other night that I really liked. I am no photographer, I have a point n shoot, and I had no tripod..but I like it so I am putting it up for anyone else who wants it.

Ok here are a few name cards I selected to share with you guys because I thought they were funny/good. The kids were told to write there name in Hiragana and Romaji and then draw some of there favorite things (on mine I had stars, pizza, music, color red, and something else I can't remember right now).

1st: Gin's was a little unique because there is a frickin war going on on his name card lol.

2nd: Anju's is just really good, I mean look at the ice cream! I was impressed :)

3rd: Now this is Yamato's, and I think I should watch out for this kid lol. I mean we would have got sent to the principal's office for something like this lol. Anyways he said it's a drawing of his favorite anime, which I cant remember the name too.

4th: Kouta...well I mean I guess he likes fish a LOT. When you write your name inside of a bowl shaped like a fish, with the fishing line spelling your name, and then demonstrate the fish goes on the plate to eat, you must really like fish/fishing lol.

5th: Takumi's is up particularly for Claude, I mean he drew Kirby all over it, which is like claudes favorite character ever. As soon as I looked at it I was like oh god I got to show claude this lol.

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  1. LOL dude those are some of the cutest things I've ever seen, I wish I had that kind of talent when I was a kid

  2. These pics are so funny! I love the fish one! he really DOES like fish I guess. Teaching seems like the most awesome thing to do. I really like reading your blog! I check it several times a day and always am so happy when something new is up. I think you'd be surprised to know how many people are reading it! The weather here is cold! Yesterday it only got up to 36 degrees. Do cold anyway. It is supposed to reach almost 80 in a few days so that sounds much better. Enjoy your week - we miss you but are so happy for you at the same time! Love you Bud!

  3. Takumi is so awesome. He's got a double powered Kirby on his! So tight. And lol I have NO idea what Yamato's anime is but it looks super violent. That dude is getting owned in the neck by that knife. Lol all these kids can draw better than me :(. And that's a really good pic of the car, looks dslr-like.

  4. Yamato is going to kill you in your sleep lol...look at that bloody butcher knife and the point blank murder from all the faceless assassins..They are making that blood spill out!

  5. Very nice my friend. That one of the war is sick. haha.

  6. So sick! Takumi is automatically my homie for liking Kirby. Tell him I said so.

    BTW I'm with your Grams. I check your blog every day, multiple times a day for updates.

  7. Bud keep them coming. I really enjoy reading your blog. Did you ever get a cough for your apartment? Can you email me your address so I can send you something? By the way I found you a RV dealership today, so when you get back you'll feel right at home :)


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