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So the week has ended and it went very well. Overall I am happy with the turnout. I have had a pretty good time actually, work is fun. I ...

So the week has ended and it went very well. Overall I am happy with the turnout. I have had a pretty good time actually, work is fun. I mean it can be stressful when the kids don't want to cooperate, or no one understands you, but overall it is fun. The people are work with are all nice. I mean I hang out pretty much all day lol, what else could I ask for. I get cheap lunch, I get to go to recess and play basketball or whatever I want with the kids, and anytime I am not assigned to teach or do lesson planning I am allowed to do what I want. I was informed today that I can leave school to do whatever as long as I am back when I need to be, I can play Nintendo DS or this racing game on my iPhone I played for like an hour straight today, or I can just walk around the school aimlessly like I do sometimes haha. Today I had a rice bowl with chicken and veggies inside, big chunks of chicken in some good sauce on my plate, and some type of marinated cabbage; it wasn't great but it was a lot better than the last two cabbage entrees I had. Speaking of that there are cabbage farms all around where my school is hence so much cabbage at lunch time. The maid lady has made home made goods the last 2 days and brought me some, both of which were very good. Also today after eating lunch during cleanup time the teacher asked me how we do cleaning time back home, i just laughed. I told him we don't have a cleaning time, that we have janitor's to clean after school and he and the kids were amazed. I also told him that in America the student don't eat in the room and that the students don't serve the food and cleanup and they were amazed once again lol.

I couldn't help myself so I messed with a kid today at lunch. He kept trying to talk to me, and sometimes I could understand but mostly not. So after he said wakarimashita (do you understand) to me after this long sentence I didn't understand, I just blurted out this long sentence about how I don't know what he's talking about and he probably isn't understanding anything I am saying right now ect, his eyes got big and all the kids laughed as he said wakarimasen (I don't understand)..then I was like yea now u know how I feel, but he didn't understand that either lol. It was funny though because all the kids looked so confused.

Anyways today I made a word search for the kids to do next week, I drew it all by hand and ran the copies off and it turned out decent I think. I mean I like doing stuff like this, its relaxing sitting at the desk sipping some green tea and making up things. Sure beats baggin' groceries, which I did for entirely too long. So heres a pic of that sitting in my desk.

Oops...lol so yea I ate McDonalds today, so lets see, that's time #3 since I have been here. I am going to try and keep track of how many times I eat McDonalds while I am here. I mean I can't help it, after you eat rice/noodles/cabbage and mystery meat for a week straight then I am craving a Burger and Potatoes as the Japanese say it. McDonalds is so friendly and clean here that I feel like I am in a nice restaurant.

So yea you have to separate your trash there too as well, straws, lids, ketchup containers in one bin. Paper and food in the other. I think some Japanese people wanted to talk to me today too while I was eating but I had my headphones in so I think they didn't want to bug me. Probably wanted to know how it compared to back home or something.

Oh, and not only does McDonalds have hotdogs here, but they also now have corn!!!! OMG CORN

I almost want to order a hotdog and a bowl of corn just to try it lol, I got a brochure of the corn and some coupons so maybe I will give it a try lol

And also I left my umbrella on the bus today so I was kinda irritated about that. It was only ¥100 so it's not a big deal but I did have to walk home in the mist after enjoying my dinner at McD's :(

Also thank you to all my friends/family/girlfriend for your yall's support and comments. It makes me happy to come home and see that I am actually writing for a purpose besides making myself feel like I have someone to talk to during the week lol.

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  1. oh the life Bud. It sure sounds like a fun job
    for u. Have u had any big storms yet? Better
    go to the $$ store soon and get another umbrella
    cant let that hair get to soggy. everything looks
    so colorful there, I bet it seems unreal.
    Well got to get going to work it's a short day
    for me so I need to get in early and get some
    extra things done. Oh dads done early too so
    he's going fishing w/Rick Yum Yum I said dont
    come home until the bucket is full of fish lol..
    Love u Bud Mom

  2. Yea well its supposed to be nice, 65-70 sunny, for atleast the next couple days so I will get one later. I will probably go to the mall this weekend and pick one up. We had one pretty good storm but it didn't start until I was going to bed, and it was sunny when I woke up so yea. Yea everything is a lot more colorful here than in the states, I love it. Good luck with the fishing then, hopefully they catch some :) Love you too

  3. OMG,told you would crave american food after awhile and its only been 3 weeks lol. anyway no fishing now Rick backed out on me so maybe mom and i will go this weekend. she wants me to come to town tonight and clean her store front windows..yea...had the vette out again last night fun fun probably going to take your car to town today and do some drifting on the way we'll see...lol just kidding. Well sounds like you have it made over there and already the ladies are bringing you goodies, how do you do it? Have fun talk to you tonight :)

  4. dude this blog is awesome lol. a lot of the stuff makes me feel like im there haha. whats it like where you live? like your room and stuff. is everything real small and compact together

  5. i am looking for an S30.

    man, im gonna have to read through your blog later, japan huh?

    i think i might go this summer, ill be staying with my mom in saitama if i do go, where are you?

    i sure do miss Japan, enjoy!

  6. I'm with Ford, I feel like I'm there with you. I like reading your blog in the mornings before I head to work. Keep it coming Bud.


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