The first day..

So today went pretty good actually. I got to school and was greeted happily. I was given my own desk in the teachers lounge! Its pretty ball...

So today went pretty good actually. I got to school and was greeted happily. I was given my own desk in the teachers lounge! Its pretty ballin and I feel cool :) Always being a student it feels weird sitting in the teachers area at my own little space doing work haha. I had to introduce myself in Japanese to the staff and it went a little something like this: "hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa Brian desu. Amerikanjin desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu" Which basically say Nice to meet you, my name is Brian. I am from America. Pleased to meet your acquaintance/please treat me well in the future (short and sweet haha). Anyways I toured the school and all the lil nyukka's were really happy to see me and were saying hello and good morning in English. Then they would go off trying to talk Japanese to me lol. I ate lunch with them, in Japan lunch is brought to the room so I sat at a desk with them and ate. Then after that I helped sweep because after lunch they have 20 minutes which is cleaning time and they have to clean there whole classroom. They move all the desks and sweep, then runs rags across the floors, sweep and clean up the hallways, and dispose of all the food garbage and dishes ect from lunchtime...hmm try that in the US lol.

I then went back to the lounge and chilled for a little bit before recess started and I went outside and played basketball with a bunch of lil nyukka's lol. It was me and 7 girls versus one boy and one girl lol, they picked the teams so I duno how that worked out. But yea I think all the little girls have a crush on me already cuz everytime I see them they're like "hello sensei!" or "hi Brian san" lol. So tomorrow will be my first day of teaching and although I think the lesson is going to be somewhat catastrophic I am not really that nervous now after meeting a lot of the kids and seeing how happy they are to see me. At lunch they were pulling out whatever they had that was written in english and getting me to read it bc they thought it was so cool that I could read everything lol. So yea they playgrounds are solid dirt so the wind blows and it sucks, i got pretty dirty without even doing a whole lot, but it was fun anyways. So that was the gist of my first day, basically all the rest of the time I didn't describe consisted of me sitting at my desk drinking green tea and coffee, while reading over some of the material that I will be working with.

My schedule this week consists of:

Monday: Get familiar with school
Tuesday: 2x 30 minute lessons
Wednesday: 1x 30 minute lesson
Thursday: 3x 30 minute lessons
Friday: No lessons, sit at desk and plan lessons lol

It's rough out here so far... <--- Sarcasm

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  1. Sounds like fun! I bet the kids love you. Doesn't look like a hard schedule at all. Just keep it up, Bud. You're doing great!

  2. Beastly dude. I bet you they owned you in basketball though lol. Good luck on those lessons tomorrow, don't let them talk back either!

  3. Brian, what age range are you teaching?
    Oh, btw, who wouldn't have a crush on you--you handsome devil!!! ROFLZ <3

  4. Those lil nyukkas better watch out! You and I are gonna ball up a storm when I get there (even though I suck at basketball lol).

  5. You and your beats in all the vids lol, love it. Thats so fricken tight that they think its cool for you to read everything lol. What kind of stuff is it? like "This is chicken, chickens lay eggs"? lol


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