The second day..

So today is finally over, I am soooo tired lol. It went ok today though, my first class I ended up finishing way too early, the lesson was s...

So today is finally over, I am soooo tired lol. It went ok today though, my first class I ended up finishing way too early, the lesson was supposed to be 45 minutes and I was done in like 25 so yea lol. The 2nd class filled up the whole time though because the kids were a little more cooperative. I only have to teach one class tomorrow though so I am happy about that. I spent all the time I wasnt teaching today brainstorming games to make class last longer, so hopefully tomorrow will go well. Today I had to eat some nasty cabbage stuff that I could barely choke down and pretend I liked lol. I was like putting it in my mouth and taking a drink of milk so I could swallow it whole like a pill lol. Also I had some weird fish type stuff and then just rice with ground up seaweed and beef or something. I really like seaweed with rice seemings I ate it a couple times a week back home, but I wasn't to sure on the other stuff haha. I dont even know what I much ate today. I asked the teacher what it was and all he could say is fish, but it wasnt like any fish I have ever had so I duno lol.

Lets see, today there was like an assembly and I guess it was to welcome the young nyukkas to school for their first time because they basically did this thing where a lot of the older kids interacted with them, and then held hands and walked them to their class. The little ones are so cute lol (no homo). They have like high socks with super high shorts, these tiny backpacks and then they wear these small hats lol. They walk by me and just stare so innocently in confusion like what the heck this giant gaijin standing here for? Then you can here them say Eigo Sensei (English Teacher) as the talk amongst there friends. I want to take pics but its against company policy, but maybe later in the year I will try.

Also today I showed my classes and talked about the pics I brought. As soon as I showed to pics that had Lourdes on it they were like "KANOJO!" "KANAJO DESU KA?!" which basically means girlfriend, and did the whole oooooOOOOOoooo thing lol. It was funny though.

Oh and I joined the coffee club at work haha. 10 dollars a month for all the coffee and green tea my heart desires too drink. I got my dollar store mug with my katakana name ブライアン on it. I walk in, switch to my indoor shoes, drop my bag off at my desk and go pour a cup of joe. Go back to my desk, lean back and feel balling for a few minutes....then the Kocho Sensei (Principal) walks out and I promptly turn back into the little subordinate I am lol. He's nice but more uptight, the Kyoto Sensei (Vice-Principal) is real cool, he was telling me he really liked my tie today (wow I am getting old.. lol) and that I need to stretch out and relax because I seem too uptight while I am at my desk haha.

I just ate some food, I think now that I have started working I may definitely start loosing weight, I hope atleast. I eat a bowl of cereal at like 6am, then a pretty healthy lunch at 12pm, then dinner at around 6 or 7pm and thats it. So yea 3 healthy meals spaced 6 hours apart is a lot different from my previous habits lol.

So yea that was about my day today, I was like falling asleep on the train on the way home, it was also a little rainy and its sprinkling out so yea. OH! by the way, my frickin plastic garbage still didnt get taken, I finally got it out on time this morning and when I got home it was just sitting there with some tag on it. I think because the bag was blue instead of clear they wouldnt take it, so now I have to rebag it and wait another week!!! FRICK!!!!

Ok end rant/

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  1. Haha,
    Brian, this sounds too fun yet serious at the same time.

  2. Sounds pretty tight, you showed them pictures? of what?

  3. Awesome, sound like quite the life experience, definately a life long lesson you will have forever. What pics did you show?

  4. This sounds like an awesome experience


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