Summary of the last few days..

Well let's see Friday when I got home from work I didn't do anything but sit around. Saturday it rained ALL day so I didn't eve...

Well let's see Friday when I got home from work I didn't do anything but sit around. Saturday it rained ALL day so I didn't even leave my room.. So when Sunday came I was ready to get out, I went grocery shopping and then went to the mall to look for a disc cleaner to clean the disc reader inside my laptop, because it didn't want to recognize me having a cd or dvd in it anymore. Luckily I found one and for only 7 bucks my disc drive works again. I also stopped by this crepe place that is really popular, they mix crepes with anything from pies inside, to veggie, ice cream, fruit ect. I had one with whip cream and a coffee like pie and strawberries, it was frickin delicious!

Today I went to work and found out that one of the main teacher's I work with mother died this weekend, so obviously she wasn't there and wont be all week :( So today my class was cancelled/postponed till another day this week, but I have Wednesday of in observance of a holiday so I don't know how this will turn out. Anyways so today I played dodgeball with the 3rd graders and the funniest crap happened. First off these kids are viscous, they throw the ball fast for there age I swear, 2 kids ended up crying lol. Anyways this kid tried to get me and I caught his ball and and immediately returned it back at him, he tried to jump over it and I nailed his legs in the air thus ending his life lol. He fell down on his side/back and al the kids were so excited lol, it was awesomeness.

Later in the day I helped the kids dig up this area to plant flowers n stuff and I spent a good hour or so of my "work time" outside messing around.

To start the day out though not only was my class cancelled but I find out we have a fire drill, so I am like ok cool. Well then they are like, well while everyone is outside together we want you to take this opportunity to introduce yourself. Yay.. So I had to introduce myself in Japanese in in front of like a good couple hundred people on a fricking intercom lol. It went ok though and I got a compliment on my speaking. Also then today they are like well Friday is our staff's welcoming party. Apparently every year there is a dinner party at a hotel for the whole staff kind of as a welcoming to the new year/new employees. Well she is like its 8000¥ so you need to let me know if you want to go. I am like what the...that is too much, so at first I was like no I can't afford it. But later they were saying that I can come later in the evening for 2000¥ so I was like ok I can do that. Then once again she came and said that 2 people had cancelled so I could take there place at the ¥8000 dinner and just pay for the ¥2000 so I was cool with that.... Oh but wait, well at this dinner party we would like you to introduce yourself again!!!! What the frick, I know these people are getting sick of hearing me say the same crap, so now I have to do it again in front of who knows how many people, all adults though this time. It would be different if it were in English but in Japanese in front of all of them is intense!

So that has been about the past few days, I kinda feel like I am a little sick but I duno. I am taking those Emergen-C things and hoping it works out. I hope I don't get sick sick for real though, or catch that crazy flu that is all on the news. Its on right now and showed Texas had 2 people with it. America, South America and a few places in Europe have it. No where in Asia or Japan yet far so good. Everyone watch out and be safe. I might be buying a mask fitting right in with the Japanese soon if this doesn't die down soon.

Ok end of rant


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  1. So you are picking on the little kids in dodgeball heh? Its amazing how you get caught up in it isn't it? Was he the bully or something, that everyone was glad he got nailed? That crepe thing looked pretty tasty, we will have to try it out when we come. I guess you also need to learn a few more words to introduce yourself this friday! sounds like you have plenty of time to CYA Dad.

  2. looking good...we dont even get to play dodgeball in america "its to dangerous" meh

  3. yea today with played dodgeball with footballs lol, talk about fast, but they weren't regular footballs they were like half the size and a little softer..

  4. Mmmmm it sure does look tasty. Now that I will
    try. I can just imagine how nervous u are up
    there Bud. Like dad said learn something new and
    really impress them... now bud be nice to those
    poor little kids, their not your brother. ha ha
    Love u mom

  5. Mandy&Ricky4/29/2009 8:23 AM

    Hey Brian:) Just wanted to say HI and let you know that me and Ricky really enjoy your story's and pics.!!! Hope your doing good:)
    The Aumann Family:)

  6. Brian I'm only going to be there for like two weeks but I'm probably going to gain like 30lbs.

    Cant wait.


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