Well today I go out of training around 3 because we had to do a health checkup at a hospital, which by the way was very nice looking inside....

Well today I go out of training around 3 because we had to do a health checkup at a hospital, which by the way was very nice looking inside. Anyways afterwards I went to a shopping mall because I was looking for maybe a peacoat or something to where with my slacks and button up, since I don't have a blazer I figured you cant go wrong with something that would work with different situations. Needless to say I did not find one, but I did find a pretty cool mall that was 4 stories of goodies, they had lots of house stuff, and the furniture design/architecture whatever you want to call it was super cool. I seen some of the coolest looking interior items I have ever seen before today. of course most all was expensive but I did find something I have been looking for for a few days which was a cotton type pillow for not super expensive. The pillows here in Japan are generally feather pillows (which i hate) and these little balls inside type pillows, kinda like those plastic bb's but not so hard. Anyways I am picky with my pillow density and what not so I will give the verdict after tonight's sleep, plus its hard for me to sleep with only one pillow so now that I have two that will be nice :) 1800¥ for the pillow which isn't bad since I heard some guy said its hard to find a cotton pillow for under 6000¥.

On another note being that I lived in Yokohama my first week here and I have been going back everyday now for training I feel like that is home. Every night I come to my apartment and I feel like this is just like a far away hotel lol. I am attached to Yokohama like no other city, that place is amazing. So clean and beautiful, not overcrowded like I have heard about Tokyo, which I will hopefully be visiting sometime soon. Yokohama just seems like an ideal place for me to live. I think all my family and friends need to move on over haha.

Anyways heres 2 pics I took today which are somewhat repetitive but I can't help it...

I have more video too but am short on time and energy to put it together, perhaps this weekend as well.

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  1. BRIAN! I miss you man, you used to be far away by land but now you're far away by sea. Might be a dumb question but, what are you doing there anyway!? I should have sent you a handful of heartbreaker stickers to stick all over jland

  2. cotton pillow is a must, I honestly dont see how you even got to japan without one!?

  3. So what is this odd shaped building you keep taking pics of anyway? And what is a cotton pillow??? Got any pandapirate stickers to paste in Japan? Luv ya Dad.

  4. So do you wish you would have gotten an apartment closer now?

  5. Oh trust me homie I want to move out there sooooooo bad. Yokota is about 2hrs away by train but by the time I got orders you would be leaving and I would be alone =(.

    We have to tour Japan when Joe and I get out there. Hopefully around Jan, Feb, or March.

    If you want some Panda Pirate stickers to slap around out there lmk and I'll get more made.


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