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Well I have had a pretty busy end of the week so sorry for the delay -_- Lets see, I was sick from I think it was Monday until about Thursd...

Well I have had a pretty busy end of the week so sorry for the delay -_- Lets see, I was sick from I think it was Monday until about Thursday. Thankfully I didn't have the Swine Flu but only felt queasy and drained. Stomach was a little messed up but I am back in business devouring some sushi right now. Last night (Friday) I had a dinner party to attend with the staff from my school. So basically in Japan they love to drink right? Yes they do. Well this dinner party was more of a everyone get wasted party. I showed up to one of the most fancy dinners I had ever been too. It was $100 like I said, but I lucked out and got in for free. It was a 2 hour dinner with unlimited alcohol/beer and different entrees of food were brought out I would say every 10 minutes on average. It was ridiculous. I was full and drunk within 20 minutes of arriving. I was not given the choice of water or something of that manner. It was either beer or liquor. I ate un-godly large amounts of sashimi (raw fish), crab, octopus, beef, miso, chicken, fruit, veggies, and a large variety of foods that I can honestly say I had no idea what they were, but I just at them anyways. I have gotten quite good at eating foods I dislike since working at the school. That reminds me, Friday I had whole fish. As in they were like anchovies but about 6'' long, 4 of them. It looked like they pulled them out of the ocean, threw them in a frying pan for a few minutes, and then onto the plate. Fins and all as well as eggs filled within their bellies. Honestly they were bad but they were not great either. Back to the party. SO in Japan it is customary that someone around you fills your glass and for you to not do so yourself. My cup never got more than half empty before someone next to me was pouring more in lol. The Japanese guy next to me was indeed trying to kill me. Overall the party was a lot of fun though and I enjoyed myself all besides having to introduce myself again in front of everyone on the small stage area. I only got a few pics because no one was taking pictures so I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to be or not, so here are a few quickies.

The older guy punched through the two boards lol.

After all was done we formed a tunnel by putting our hands together up high and people walked through bowing showing their appreciation. It was a great experience and was a lot different from an American style work party.

Here is a random pic at my desk just showing one of the many varieties of cans that you can get Coke in.

So basically my day(s) of Friday went like this:

5:30am Wake up and go to work
5:00pm Leave work
6:00pm Hurry to get to the station
7:00pm Arrive at dinner party
7:20pm Drunk
9:00pm Leave party and go to Yokohama
10:00pm Un-drunk
10:30pm Meet up with car people to go out drifting
6:00am Get home from drifting and go to bed
1:00pm Wake up

It was a very long friday lol

I got loads of video last night drifting and some good pics too, but I am going out again tonight so I am going to wait on the vids to make a compilation video, here are some pics though:

Oh and there were some really nice classic 70's Skylines out last night. I would love to own one one day :)

Btw, wait till you see the video, but this was a chick driving this car. It was funny because I was watching it slide the whole night getting all emo about my car seemings it's like the same thing. Then it pulls in with another car, her boyfriend, and a fricking girl gets out. I was so shocked, she was killing it too. Everyone back home better step your game up cuz the girl is outdoing some of yall haha ;)

..Video soon..

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  1. I'm going to be in trouble over there b/c the first time they bring me a whole fish with eggs in it I'm going to walk to McDonald's.

  2. I would be stepping my game up but I cant afford tires because I'm trying to save for the trip to Japan haha. Guess I'll just have to keep relying on rainy days =/.

  3. yum yum

    Brian you remember summer 08, where my car made a good transformation. Summer 09 will be killing it with more event time, ill post on my blog when i get out of school.

  4. that is surreal to live the dream. i was getting an adrenaline rush just from looking at and reading what went down. damn!

  5. ill be stepping my game up also getting a welded


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