So as I further procrastinate putting together the drift video from last weekend I will spend time on another post. This is just another ra...

So as I further procrastinate putting together the drift video from last weekend I will spend time on another post. This is just another random on on my life in general right now. So as most of you know last weekend I went to Tokyo to watch D1. It was amazing and probably one of the coolest "event" type things I have gone too, despite the rain. I had a great time so I have to give thanks to my friends that brought me out :). On another note it's almost friday now. I have to teach first grade and the special class tomorrow, I am being observed during my first grade class apparently. I am a little distraught about it though because the younger kids are much more difficult to deal with, so hopefully all will go well. I am feeling a little under the weather today too so hopefully some rest will fix that. Today I had octopus tentacles, bread made to look like a cute fish stuffed with sweet bean, and a curry like spaghetti. It was definitely in my top 5 for school lunch so far. Everything was delicious, despite the fact that my portions are too large and I really don't like eating that much food, but I am not going to complain about that. I stayed after school today because these 3 girls asked me if I would play basketball with them. Being that I don't do crap after work during the week I told them that I would. Little did I know that there were like 15 kids there, some parents, and then a coach showed up. It was a real practice lol. I thought they just wanted me to mess around and play a few games with them. Anyways the coach spoke some English and was asking me if I played basketball ect. He was really impressed that I told him I had played pretty much my whole life until the end of high school. He asked me if I would stay after school some days and help them practice ect. I said I would some days though. I really don't like getting obligated into doing things so I said sometimes maybe. I will go if I want too, but I don't really want too often just for the sake of getting home at a decent hour. I left the apartment at 6:30am this morning and did not get home until a little after 8pm, and I only stayed half the practice.

So lets see... what else is going on? Well not much really, I have no life apparently lol. I started skateboarding last week after getting a loaner board from a friend. It's great exercise and helps kill time after work. I skated 2 hours the other night after work and prolly went about 2 miles from my apartment. My legs are so sore lol. I struggled to lift them over the high bathtub this morning. Then I walk to work, and the kids want me to play tag with them. Did lots of running then. Then I ran up and down stairs several times today at school because I forgot stuff while teaching lol. Then after school I ran around playing basketball. To finish the day off I walked back frickin tired..I am.. Oh I almost got hit by a car lol. Not that it was a laughing matter then, I was the most scared I have ever been in forever, but I am ok so it's all good now. I was skating down this hill on a sidewalk. I was picking up too much speed so I tried to grab a pole lightly to slow myself down. Apparently I grabbed to hard because I fell off my board onto the side of the road right as a car was driving by, luckily he/she swerved otherwise that could have been a bad situation. Ok that's it for real this time. Here are a few pics from school:

Ok 1st up we got this nyukka asking if he can play with my iPhone lol

2nd we have some sweet bean desert, yea Jordan this is the sweet bean stuff that is inside the bread puffs we used to get at Hong Kong Titty. This was served cold though kinda like Jello, it was really good :)

3rd we have the three girls that asked me to play basketball, they were playing with my iPhone at my desk as I sipped on some green tea lol

And lastly we have a horrible picture someone tried to take of me when I was doing something on the court lol

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  1. Grams & Gramps5/29/2009 2:39 AM

    Hi Bud!
    Cute pictures of those kids! They seem to really like you. Take care boarding tho...not too cool almost getting hit by a car! That would be awful! Give your all at will lead to better things to come. It may be good to volunteer your time with BB too - that could also lead to some good things! All in all, you seem to be doing very well. Let us know how the observation went too. that should be interesting. Octopus tenacals don't sound very tasty to me but glad you like them! I'll stick to cod or halibut! No, really I would like to try some of the food - I would try octopus but I don't know about some of that cabbage stuff doesn't sound to appetizing! Take care and watch out for traffic - we don't want you getting hurt!

  2. Seems like you're having a pretty exciting time over there. I'm really excited to take the trip, as I've told you hella times lol.

  3. Didn't you just get done telling us there is a skate park over there? Stay safe man.

    I went back over your blog and I don't believe you told us what was all in the school....i.e. indoor gym...

  4. I love you babe. Stay safe

  5. OMG Bud
    now didnt we teach you not to play around traffic
    be safe bud we dont want to be visiting you in
    the hospital or worse the way people drive around
    there. Hope the abservation went well too, was
    there alot of parents that would be scary.
    keep busy time will pass fast.
    love u mom

  6. Now Bud, you are a teacher you are suppose to be setting the example!!! Dont be falling in front of no cars...And i agree with Craig, i don't remember no indoor BB court??
    Be careful love ya DAD


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