Well today was beautiful. It was about 70 degrees and clear skies, I wore shorts and went to Yokosuka to look around. I am kinda looking f...

Well today was beautiful. It was about 70 degrees and clear skies, I wore shorts and went to Yokosuka to look around. I am kinda looking for a new pair of shoes but haven't had any luck, I think I am just going to order stuff online. Anyways today my friend got me on base to do some shopping. I got some goods that I was pretty happy about so I made a video.

Also we ate at Coco's Curry House. Now before I sound like to much of a panzy, those of you that know me know that I love spicy food. I have eaten some extremely spicy food in my day. Well they have a spicy meter when you order from 0-10, 10 being the hottest. Well from 6-10 you are supposed to have some card or something proving that you have eaten 5 in order to order something hotter than that, this helps keep the restaurant out of trouble if something goes wrong lol. Well they didn't bother carding us, and me being someone who likes spicy food figured I would go 7. Kevin's mom ordered 6 so I figured hey I'll order 7 and I should be good to go. I ordered the highest spicy level at the last curry place and it was hot as sh*t but I still ate it, so hey this time I am being safe ordering 7 right? WRONG.. Well it comes out and looks delish, so I dig in. Well my micro sized glass of water is gone all the sudden lol. Waiter! Coke-Cola Kudasai! Arigatou as I begin to slurp it down lol.. Well needless to say I was getting pretty hot/sweaty/nose running and eyes watering. I continued workin' on it trying to be a man. Well Kevin's mom says that she couldn't handle 7 either, that she tried it before, and that 6 was much easier to eat, so boo... Lets just say that I couldn't quite finish, I did get close though. When you can feel your trachea swelling and the insides of your ears begin to hurt its time to let it go. I could honestly feel my throat swelling so much it was beginning to get harder to breathe. I think it had to so something with the type of spices though. Honestly I have eaten 1 other thing in my life spicier and I did not have that reaction, so it had to be. So anyways, the stomach is not happy right now lol. I was sad I couldn't finish because it was really good, so anyways next time I will be ordering 6. And to anyone who actually goes in there and eats 8-10 and enjoys it; you are a god.

Ok that is all, peace.

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  1. Haha, you got owned by super spicy curry.

  2. Also I'm kinda jealous of the lucky charms...I want some

  3. Dude that vid is freakin hilarious! And if you ate 7 and were having trouble I'd probably go with 3 or 4 lol.

    P.S. you want me to order you some panda pirate stickers? Just lmk.

  4. Thats funny Lil Brian!


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